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Recurring Dream Of Childhood Home (Childhood Home Dream)
For as long as I can remember, I have had a recurring dream of a house I lived in as a child. It always starts in the same place. I am standing in the living room, which is completely empty except for a giant crater in the center of the room. It is incredibly deep, but at the bottom of the hole I can see a pristine living room decorated with Victorian furniture. There are layers in the crater, where pages are falling out, as if hundreds of feet of the foundation has been crammed with old books. I have a very strong desire to get to the living room at the bottom of the hole, however I know that it is too far to jump. So, I go looking for another way to get down there.

In some dreams, I take the upstairs. This leads to a small door found in a closet which leads to more stairs and rooms I don't recognize. Most rooms are packed with old knick knacks and framed art, almost like small antique shops. I find other elaborately decorated rooms, but never the one at the bottom of the crater.

In other dreams, I take the door underneath the staircase. These dreams usually turn into nightmares. There aren't staircases, instead there are long dark hallways. Once again, I wander through rooms full of old knick knacks that resemble antique shops, but it's very dark and dusty. Panic eventually sets in and I realize I am not alone in this space. I begin to try and navigate though quickly, no longer exploring but instead trying to find a way out. I never see who or what is down there with me but it is apparent that I am in very real danger and incredibly terrified.

I wake up before there is any type of resolution to the dream, and have yet to ever reach the bottom of the crater.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:antique | antique shops | childhood home | crater | dark hallways | giant crater | hole | home | house | knick knacks

Dream Dictionary Type: Childhood Home dream
Dream Posted on: 06/22/13
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Posted on June 23rd, 2013:
Wow what a dream. This one is a little more complicated for me but I would like to try and interpret it if I may. So see if any of this fits with you and give me feed back please. I would like to know how close I come. If it doesnt toss it out. Here we go.
Recurring dreams are things we need to look at or do that we have not done yet. A house is your life and to go back to our childhood home is to look at past issues or generational issues. Living rooms also represents the place you are living at. A big hole or crater in there is a big hole in your life. An empty spot. You would like to fill it with a beautiful life, victorian is also about purity. You long for it which is why you are trying to find the room. The foundation is what you have built your life on. The one in the dream is old books which could represent you have built your foundation on knowledge, schooling, college. ??? But in the dream it did not work. You still have the crumbling hole. To go upstairs is a good thing. It means to move up spiritually. Higher spirituality. It is hidden, in closet. Means you are looking for it but it feels hidden??? But when you reach it there are hidden treasures. Some are one of a kind, special. Could mean old teaching from someone in your childhood about God. ??? (antiques) Going down is not so good. As you probably figured out. Sometimes it means going back to old stuff. Negative. Fearful. Darkness. Thats what that part of the dream is trying to tell you. Its a warning not to go down that way. I think it means search for the higher spiritual things of God and you will fill that empty spot in your life. Hows that. (: Blessings.
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