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The Smokestack (Conformity Dream)
i dreamt i was coming of age in an industrial town but my personal senses noted the lack of smog, pollution or the normal signs of society functioning. Part of the coming of age is a test of the dna and a test of your intelligence, after taking the test you are given up to 3 objects. There are 5 or 6 objects in total but no one gets more than in 3 in some effort for balance. The objects are, a collar that covers the entire neck that grants immortality, a choker that brings out physical prowess, gloves that enhance knowledge and allow you to read books or access electronic devices by touch, a cloth helm that gives a range of psychic powers, glasses that impart intuition and diagnose medical problems, and one last item that was in a black obsidian case that the instructor wasn't willing to open. I would assume the last item had am ore godlike power close to imagination coming to life or creating life. I was being trained as a teacher at a college that helps people use their tools with training. I was given the gloves, the collar, and the helm. I felt a bit dorky with all 3 on but was relieved to learn there was no need to wear them all the time. The only quirk was that if the collar was off you aged normally. The power to all these objects was apparently provided by our own waste from the industrial complexes, the aristocracy had figured out how to harness our waste and turn into an energy signal received by these objects that unlocks and sometimes even fuels our latent ability. When the smokestack opened and a little puff of smoke comes out, that is the little bit of waste that was unconvertible and then the lid would close again. There was a sense of conformity to this system tho, that no one was outside of it and it was forbidden to not receive your items. The police of this system rarely had to arrest anyone and it seemed like they got after people for not using their items, there was no disability for anything could be healed. Their was mainly one crime, laziness. Violent tendencies were rare but unpunished, a roman-like arena was available for people to test themselves. Terrorism and bullying while unliked occasionally happened but became resolved rather quickly. The response to terrorism was swift and deadly, terrorists were killed along with their immediate family up to 1st cousins. A harsh punishment but prevented acts of violence outside the proper channels. There were many channels to debate and protest peacefully and decisions of the governement were overturned regularly. It felt like utopia but it also felt wrong, like conformity was pushed too far, it felt sad that in the ascendance of the entire race that the self was lost and singular ascension was cut off because individualism had lost its power. For that i mourned, the individual they taught in pre-testing school was ******** in post-testing school and subject to embarrassment and punishment. It felt sad...
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:aristocracy | black obsidian | choker | coming of age | conformity | dorky | electronic devices | immortality | industrial complexes | intuition

Dream Dictionary Type: conformity dream
Dream Posted on: 01/14/13
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Dream Rating: 5.00
Reaction to this Dream: sympathetic
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