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It started off I was in a room with 3 girls I've known from school

We were I guess suppost to be in class, because there was a teacher

In the room, we had no desks just couches and as the three girls were on the couch I sat on the carpet. They were all laughing and joking then they started to shoot cocaine. One girl (Alissa in real life) started shooting one girl in the chest near her heart ( Rachel in real life though switched faces of her and another girl I know from school Mary) then as I watched ok with the situation so far she shot herself. Then they started to make fun of me call me names and be nasty to me so I told them I'll tell the teacher they are doig cocaine. They got angery and started to come after me. I ran up got the teacher and told him, he believed me but had no proof they were doing it because thy hid the needle from him. I showed him where they injected themself but he still said we need more proof. I sat back down on the carpet to have them making fun of me again so I told them I could always have the nurse come in and drug test...the twothat shot up looked at me tackled me and started shoving the needle deep into my arm. ( I'm afraid of needles and more afraid if their going into me to the point of crying hyperventilating and passing out) everytime I saw these girls in the hallway at school they would shove this needle from their cocaine use deep into my arm. I got home and the girls fallowed me. Thankfully the teacher was there he told me to get into te truck so I did. I was in the bed of the truck the sides were low and it was very old truck so as he was goig I was falling out. The girls were running next to the truck trying to get the needles into my arm and I told him to drive faster but his truck went about 10mph. Finally we got to a hill which made it go faster. Then I'm at school again it's graduation day and my teacher is also a group instructor so he gathered his group me included to talk about how great the year was, a girl who was doing cocaine was in the class who had made fun of me and stabbed me. I asked if I could do a speach, stood up in front of her. We were all at a dinner table looking thing. I started speaking of always being nice and honest and not making fun of people because you don't know what they go through. At the end of my speach the girl looked sad which I was very happy for. My teacher told me to look outside after everyone left, he got a brand new silver truck, he said now we can do some real investigating because his truck will be able to drive away from the girls, he gave me the keys and told me he'd meet me out there. I started walking twards the car it was huge silver shiny truck. I got in and turned it on. He got in the passenger side and then his friend came up he sat in the driver side then I at on his lap. Ithought no wrong of being in a strangers lap, we were all joking as I was driving the truck through the parkig lot and then the man who I was sitting on viciously grabbed both my boobs and started feelig them over my shirt. I cryed out and looked at my teacher who btw is a male. And asked him to make thus friend stop. He looked at they guy and said "she's all yours" and looked away idk how we were driving all around town in the truck because we were in the drivers seat and his hands were busy grabbing at my boobs and holding my side. Slipping his hand under my shirt and grabbing me so Tight I thought I would probably be killed by this man. As we drived along the windows were down but I don't know if people could see what he was doing to me. I would cry and yell at the strangers in other cars and they would just stare and then look away as if nothing was wrong. My voice couldnt really yell it was like a scratchy sick yell. The man started to kiss me so I played along rather be kissed, then harshly rubbed and grabbed. He was saying how he missed me and couldn't believe he finally got me for himself then he'd rub me and shove his hand up my privates so hard I'd lose breath. We were finally in a grocery store, I tryed to get free but he held my arm. I was at this point still crying still struggling tryin to get free from him touching me. I finally did and I went up to a lady crying I couldn't speak words just cryed. Then went up to two poliece officers crying and pointing twards the bad man who has been molesting me. Everyone didn't care or thought I was a freak and left. (I don't know why in my dream I didn't run out the doors and just keep runing I was stuck inside I guess)the man then foun me grabbed me and we were then back in the truck this time i was in the back, I was naked but (my dream never showed me leading up to why I was, but I felt like I was raped) and was crying. We were on the high way and I decided to open the door and throw myself out the truck. Into oncoming traffic no one hit me I stood hunched over in the highway trying not to show anyone my privates and at that moment I felt calm and free, then I woke up.
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Dream Dictionary Type: crying dream
Dream Posted on: 08/30/12
Dream Interpretations: No dream interpretations yet.
Dream Rating: 3.00
Reaction to this Dream: confused
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