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So, the first of these particular nightmares started back in February. I have had five so far. I have had some where the character Emily was just standing or began screaming, but I woke up and interrupted the dream. Some of this stuff may be disturbing. I didn't want to give too much detail, but what is said is still enough to disturb some.

The first went like this:

I am sitting on my bed in my room and am using my computer(I had fallen asleep like this) when my bedroom door opens. Through the door is complete darkness, and all I feel is a chill in the air. A figure emerges from the shadows and greets me. It is a young girl, about 12 or so. She says that she needs my help. I do not ask who she is, why she is there, nor any other questions. I simply arise from my bed and proceed to follow her. When we step through my doorway, we are in a basement. There I see on the ground is the girl's body, covered in blood, with her clothes torn off. I now know that this girl that I am seeing is her spectre. The girl's spectre pointed at two men who were about 20 feet away from the body. They turned toward me and start to attck me. The first man, grabs a knife and he swings it toward me. I dodge it and immediately kit the side of his chest repeatedly, then take the knife and slit his throat. The second man comes toward me, and I am knocked on the ground. He leaps toward me and I stab him in the sternum. I see that they are both dead, and I arise and say to the girl's spectre, "It is done". She then replies, "No...not yet". She points to her body. I then go over to the corner and pick up a blanket, I then use the blanket and wrap the girl's body in it and carry her up the stairs leading from the basement and through the house to outside. Outside, it is pitch black, aside from some light casting on a spot in the ground, with a shovel extending from it. I carry her bosy near the spot, lay it down, pick up the shovel, and start digging a grave. When the grave is complete, I lay her body into the grave and fill it up.

The next dream, I am speaking to the spectre of the girl again, named Emily, and we are on a playground. It is a desolate place, with no other people around. She is playing on the swings when she starts to scream at the top of her lungs. I rush toward her and ask what is wrong. She just screams in reply, "He is killing her!" and she points to her left, where I see a hotel. I walk toward the Hotel, and when I enter the doors, I am in a hallway. I hear screaming, it is coming from one of the rooms, I can't tell which one. I move down the hallways and follow the screams until I come to the end of a hallway and find the door to the room that the sounds were projecting from. I try and open it, but it is locked. I start to bash open the door, and I hear one final scream from what sounds to be a girl, which is followed by a high pitched screeching laughter. I manage to bust down the door, and I see a girl's body. It is mutilated, and has her clothes torn. There is blood all over the floor, and I notice a trail, which I start to follow. I start to run following the trail when I hear that horrible laughing again. I run as fast as I can, and the blood trail stops at a hallway intersection, and I hear the laughing again as if it is right behind me. No one is there.

The next dream, I am at a store, following Emily who wants to show me something. She leads me into an office space, and tells me to look on the desk. I look on the desk and find a note with a picture. The note reads, "Two down so far, I've had so much fun, many more to go, run run run". There is a picture of a girl, she is still alive but is greatly bruised. There is an adress written on it, so I walk out of the office door, and I am in front of a house. the house is one of a few similar looking houses in the neighborhood. I walk up to the door and find that the door is unlocked. I open it and start to walk in when I notice Emily behind me, she is scared and does not wish to go in. I tell her to stay there, and I go in. Upon entering, I notice on the floor the words "Come and find us" written in blood. I first check every room on the first floor, then proceed upstairs. There is another message written in blood that reads "Better come quick, I am running out of blood. LOL". I search all of the bedrooms, and then start to search the bathrooms, when I come across a locked door. I kick it a few times then bash it in. The girl is on a table, there is blood all around. She had been drained of it. The body looked otherwise intact. There was an arrow painted in blood on the wall, pointing to the girl. I walked up, through the puddle of blood, and looked at her. Her shirt had been ripped, then pulled back over her. It read in an ink, "Open up". I pulled back the shirt, and saw that she had her ribs exposed, and pulled out to extrude from the body. There was a note carved into teh table that read, "Better luck next game".

The next dream, I am in a cemetary, I am speaking with Emily, who says that there is another one that has been taken. She pints to an entrance into underground tunnels, which I proceed to enter. I am walking thorugh the tunnels, which are dark, but I see a torch up ahead, and i grab it and walk with it through the tunnels. I notive there is blood all over the walls of the tunnels. I follow the blood until I see a pavillion. On the pavillion, there is a girl, who has been cut, stabbed, and burned, then chained up. I then hear the same devilish laugh I heard before in the Hotel. I then hear a man scream, "Run run run, I've killed another one, I can't stop now, I'm having too much fun!"

The most recent dream I am in a desolate world, and I am speaking with Emily. We talk for a bit when suddenly she screams again. I know this time what that signifies, so I ask, "Who is it, where is she?" She points to a door on the side of an old ruin. I rush toward the door, and proceed inside where I find I am in a toy store. Many of the toys are disfigured dolls and all are staring at me. I hear the man vie the intercom saying, "OK children, remember, you only have 5 minutes to find the red ticket before the prize is lost, and the girl is dead." and then starts to laugh. I srat ripping through all of the dolls in search of the ticket. I search and search but I can't find it anywhere. I start to tear through the entire store to look for it, but I can't find it. I have less than a minute left, and I see a crane game. Inside of it is the ticket, attatched to a hook. I try and break the glass, but I can't. I play the game and try to get the ticket, and I finally manage to get it, but a beel sounds before I can grab it. The man comes on the intercom again saying, "Oh, too bad, and so close too. I guess I can give you the girl. Can't promise she is in one pice though!" and he laughs again. There is a gate that is opened and I rush through. I go up some stairs and into a room. I see the girl suspended by chains. She has been cut, and then was exposed and ripped. There was blood everywhere.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:blood | bosy | chill in the air | clothes | darkness | death | digging a grave | dodge | doorway | failing

Dream Dictionary Type: death dream
Dream Posted on: 08/15/12
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