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On May 22 of this year, I had a horrible dream about my ex, Josh, being shot in the chest right in front of me.

In the dream, no one would help him. I kept screaming for help - but everyone just ignored me. I picked him up and carried him to a hospital. In my arms, I could actually feel him turning cold... and stiff. Which really freaked me out. I don't think I have ever had a dream so real as to where I could feel someone turning stiff. It's hard to put into words.
When I got him to the hospital, the nurses & doctors started to pull a white sheet over his face. Like there was no hope. I started screaming & crying & pulled the sheet off him. I kept his face in between my hands & was saying, "Come on, Josh! Come on! Stay with me, sweetheart! Stay with me!"
Eventually he came to, but, he still was fading away. One minute he'd be reviving & the next he was turning cold & stiff again. I was totally freaking out in my dream.
At one point I even said, "Please, Josh. Think about all those great times we had together. Remember those nasty macaroni & cheese your mom use to make us eat?"
To that, Josh lifted his head & replied, "I thought they were good."
But, he went back into a coma-like state & started turning blue again.

I raised my hands to God & started praying. Praying for him to give Josh just one more chance. To have mercy.
Cause ever since I broke up with Josh, he's been into hard drugs & keeps getting into trouble.

Somehow I ended up on top of Josh - with my chest pressed hard against his. Almost like I was trying to transfer energy from me into him.
Suddenly, I was being lifted off of him & falling to the floor. But, it didn't hurt when I fell.
I still had my hands raised to God & praying.
I looked up at Josh and seen he was praying too!
After that, he seemed to fully recover.
He was no longer blue nor stiff.

A doctor came in & was showing us x-rays of Josh's chest - where the bullet had entered & penetrated.
I could see the hole in Joshs' chest on the x-ray screen & the damage the bullet had caused.

By this point, Josh was sitting up in the bed & eating a brownie. (Of all things, a brownie!) :P
Then Josh said, "So, I'm going to be all right now?"
The doctor shook his head, "No. You're not out of the woods yet, son."

Then I woke up.

I laid in my bed for quite sometime, but I just absolutely burst into tears. They were some of the most saddest tears I've ever shed in my life.
Josh was a VERY big part of my life, and there is still love inside of me for him. I worry about Josh. Because of his erratic, almost uncontrolable behavior.

I knelt down on the edge of my bed & prayed so hard and so long for Josh. I had a feeling that if I did not pray for him... something bad was going to happen to him.
I asked God, whole-heartedly, through the stinging tears gussing down my face, that if he seen Josh was going to get hurt or even die... to please... please... just put him back in jail. Where at least, I'd know he would be safe & out of harms way.
And also away from all the fools he hangs out with, whom no doubt encourage his drug addictions.

Well, believe it or not my friends... 3 days later... Josh was put in jail and kept there for nearly 2 months.
(I know this cause I searched his name in our local court records & police reports.)
Plus, his family has always kept in contact with me.
Josh was indeed placed in jail within days after my dream & my prayers.

But... I just can not get over that dream.
And how it MUST of been sent by the Lord himself. Warning me that Josh was heading down a bad path & was going to either get really hurt or die.

I guess my whole point in posting this experience of mine is to prove to others that *sometimes* our dreams DO mean/symbolize something yet to come.

And I also want to point out that it was awful funny - me having that horrid dream then praying for God to put Josh back in jail if he seen something bad was going to happen to him. And then, above all odds, low & behold, three days later... Josh was placed in jail for a whole two months. No doubt cleaning out his system of all the drugs & clearing his mind, at least a little.

Perhaps God DOES give us dreams.
And perhaps God DOES answer our most heart-breaking of prayers. Especially those prayers sent out for anothers' safety & well-being.
I will say this... God sure answered my prayer that day.
And I will forever thank him for it.

Josh will always mean alot to me. Even though we have both moved on with our lives & it was me who ended the relationship years ago.
There will always be concern for Josh in my heart.
I know his life's story.
I know what all he's been through.
I know why Josh does some of the stuff he does.
And I cant help but be a little flattered when his family tells me that Josh was at his best when he was with me.
Even his own Grandmother admitted that I know Josh best. Out of all his family & friends, I alone am the one that knows best the secret interior of Josh's soul.

All I can do now is keep hoping & praying that God will hold a watchful eye on Josh, and hinder him from indulging into anything that may put him in harms way.

Much Love To All & God Bless,
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Posted on June 22nd, 2011:
i do believe that god did send out a helping cry from josh to u. knowing that your love still for him would help save him
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