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Demon Dog. (Death Dream)
I picture myself laying in my bed. Just seconds away from sleep. As I am about to close my eyes for the night I get this weary feeling that something bad is going to happen. Just as I am thinking this, a deep blood Red light streams through the crack beneath my door. Stuck in intrigue I await to see what is to happen. The door then slowly clicks and starts to squeal open. As soon as the noise stops I then recognize what is between the freedom beyond my bedroom and I. It is a large black figure in the shape of almost a bull mastiff and a cross of a wolf. As my eyes adjust, I can then see some features. I see a demonic like creature with matted and greasy fur, covered in scars and lacerations. The fur itself was as black and as cold as night. The entity is heaving and vomiting blood with its head lowered and tail between its legs. Something about the blood and vomit that is escaping is literally burning through the floor beneath the puddle. I then look up to make eye contact with the horrid thing and there are two giant blank white eyes staring at me. The white was completely empty and lifeless. It then proceeds about 2-3 feet into my room and stops. Either to observe what was in the room or to contemplate what action it was going to take next. In those few moments it sees me laying in my bed, frozen with terror. The dog waits motionless for any minute action to set it off. I can see the puffs of fog coming from its labored breathing, and before I could say the word "what", the dog was upon me. At that moment I go into an out of body experience and am forced to witness the the dog rend the esophagus from my body. Observing from afar as my helpless body is ripped, ravaged, and torn into several otherwise unrecognizable bits and pieces.

I have been having this nightmare for almost three years of my life. Having to watch myself be killed and consumed is a rather unnerving feeling and is most likely not a common occurrence among most 18 year olds. I am just looking for some meaning behind why I have to watch myself get massacred everynight. So please, if you have some good advice or accurate knowledge please let me know. I really just want to get this whole thing figured out so I can sleep again at night. Thank you.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:18 year olds | beastly | bits and pieces | blood | body experience | bull mastif | bull mastiff | crack | death

Dream Dictionary Type: death dream
Dream Posted on: 02/06/13
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Posted on September 11th, 2011:
You didn't have a dream it was an experience, and you are right, about the dog being a demon. When the demon is ravaging your body, it represents intimidation. The demon wants to make you so afraid that you stay in the mindset you are in when it is present. In Fear.

I can also tell you that you believe in GOD, and pray. When you feel that this entity is returning, begin to pray the Our Father.

I also want you to know that this kind of experience is being shown to a lot of children these days. It's becoming the normal.
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