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Divine Judgement (Death Dream)
I have had many dreams as of late,related to killing others, but, even though this one wasn't very gory, it tops them all off. I, in real life, am short, husky, blonde, and muscular in a way. Yellow Eyed (Yes, yellow is my eye's natural color.), five four, and male. However, in my dream, I was around eight feet tall, and at the beginning I had pure white skin, and long, shoulder length, red and pure white hair. I was extremely youthful, and almost "pretty" to the point of looking androgynous. I had long, silky, white, pure, apparently vestigial wings, and bright, shining, blue eyes. I was wearing what was similar to a kimono and a tunic put together, with a odd attachment of a hood on the back. I was walking through what appeared to be a cherry blossom grove, in what appeared to be a palace, of an architecture I am not familiar with. The city the palace was located in, was identical to the city of heaven mentioned in the bible, as far as visuals go. I walked to the end of a brick, cobble path, and bowed down before a throne, only looking out out the corner of my eye. I saw three spherical orbs. A large golden one, a medium silver one, and a small, pure white one, all with in each other, kinda like wheels, inside wheels. However, instead of wheels, they where almost mechanical looking orbs, that I could some how see through. However, they appeared semi-organic as they flashes, and before me (Or my dream me.) and a tall, white robed, man with pure white skin, and eyes of fire, and a fearsome appearence, spoke in many, loud voices, kinda like hundreds of waterfalls coming from his mouth, but in the form of voices. I don't remember what he/it said, but I was crying in sorrow by the time he was done. I looked straight a the blindingly bright man and smiled before mouthing "thank you sir..." and carrying on. I turned from him with a sad look on my face, as he dissapeared behind me, and the Orbs/wheels/things all hummed. I walked into the middle of the city with golden streets, and looked into what looked like a large pool of pure white and blue water, which was odd, because this world had no blue sky. I knew, in my dream, I was supposed to jump into it, so I did so. Apparently, I was carrying out orders from the man/king. I found myself in orbit above earth, looking down upon earth. I felt utter sorrow, and utter contentment at the same time. I looked at the people from afar as I fell, and felt sorry for them, but I felt the urge to kill them. Before I knew it, I was surrounded in flame, my eyes where white, my eyes where surrounded in a burning aura, my entire body surrounded by flame as I fell. My hair turned a silvery grey, and I was covered in ashes. My feet became like steel as I fell. I wasn't scared, I wasn't mad, I wasn't happy. I was....apathetic. I smiled as I came closer to what appeared the be the tri continental divide. (Aka the middle eastern area that touches europe, africa, and asia.) As I fell, I screamed with sheer joy "DIVINE JUDGEMENT IS UPON YE SINNERS AND FALSE PROPHETS! EVIL AND GOOD SHALL BE SMITED FOR THE SECOND TIME, FOR THIS IS THE THIRD WAR, AND THE FOURTH JUDGEMENT." The flames around me turned pure white, as a crashed into what appeared to be a small, Arabian/Israeli town. I saw then again, from a birds eye view, the entire continent of africa sinking into the sea, as europe and asia where split up by many earthquakes, before I more or less asported into myself into america. I then seemed to zone out. I am not sure if I was close to waking up, or something in the waking world disturbed me, or it was part of the dream. After the long black pause, I saw men in buissness suits bowing before a pyramid with an eye on it, as men in crowns from all kinds of countries where killing a baby on an alter labeled "Mulock" or something. I have no Idea what that is, or even if that is how it was spelled. Anyway, I continued on to america, and a long, white sword came out of my wrist, as I continued to burn everything around me. I continued to what I am guessing was a redwood forest or something, to find the kings sacrificing babies on yet again another alter this time labled "Balam". No Idea what that is either. I proceeded to kill them all with my bare hands, even though I was holding a sword in my hand. I then became more of a normal human, even though I was still eight feet fall, white eyed, etc. My skin was burned ot a crisp, and my hair was like ashes on my head. I went over to lake of water, and my temples, wrist, and jugaler vein, all literally exploded, as the water became contaminated with my blood. After a while I stood back up, and jumped onto what looked like a pale, almost dead looking horse, and rode off. All I remember was killing more people with a spear or something, before waking up.

I am rather amused by this dream. I am not a big illuminati person, but I would assume that is what the pyramid with the eye meant. I don't know though. The whole thing was rather bloody and violent, though it feels more like a memory then a dream. But, hey, Africa is still around, so obviously, it is not a memory. Anyhow, I am quite scarred by what this was, and have almsot no clue on what it all means. Any Ideas? I am kinda scarred by how realistic it was...
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:appearence | architecture | bible | blue eyes | brick | city of heaven | corner of my eye | death | eyes of fire | god

Dream Dictionary Type: death dream
Dream Posted on: 10/19/12
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