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Jack (Death Dream)
I have begun to have nightmares about my current boyfriend, Jack. They are always about him dying or going missing. and so far, iv had 3.

1. first, my mother says, "im going to go tighten the handle bars on your bike that you got for christmas!" then she goes outside with my bike. then my friend Daveone is at my house, and we start kiss and i eventually blow him. then hes gone and my mother comes into the house and takes me outside. i can tell im in trouble. i see a mound of dirt infront of me with a handlebar sticking out of it. my mother says: Get your stuff, take your bike and get out." she also kicks out my 19 year old sister who no longer lives with us. My friend keagan drives the 2 of us and Jack to the outskirts of town, where keagan gives me a simple one-armed side hug goodbye. then jack, who hasnt spoken to me or said a word, gives me a hug but the second he touches me, he pulls away like its nothing.

2. Me, Jack and others are on a spaceship for a certain purpose i cannot recall. My friend Elizabeth gets deathly ill and ejects herself from the ship so none of us could be infected. but then Jack goes missing. No one can find him so they assume he is dead, but i continue to look. The ship projected his image walking up the stairs, so i called out to him, and started to lunge myself at him. My friend grabbed me and held me back, but i could see myself fighting him and screaming for jack. i was for some reason clutching one of jacks shirts.

3. I was selling old clothes to make some extra money, (the whole dream never leaves my neighborhood) and a few other unimportant things happened that i could not recall. But first, i am walking down my street to take a wedding dress to a woman, when i see Keagan's mother picking up trash. she smiles and waves and i continue on my way. the second time i take the dress, it has changed and there is stitched writing on the chest of the dress. then i am in a gas station, were i see the people knocked out with large yellow boils on their faces, i run out to my friends car and i am chased by the people who seem nearly rabbid. We drive off and i am trying to collect water with a bowl from the falling rain outside. then we are walking down my neighborhood street. It is me, Jack, My biological father and my uncle (whom iv only met on facebook) and a few others who are stopped by keagans mother, who is sorting recyclables in the street. her demeanor is different and i know she is infected, but she has no boils. she is rude and coniving and violent. we pass her but she follows and continues to be annoying. then i am attacked by someone in our group, i consiously knew not to come in contact with his bodily fluids for he was also infected. my biological father pulls him off me, then gets clawed by the man. my uncle pulls the man off my father, then the man, my father and my uncle are gone. soon i can see a giant disposal center for infected persons. then i am in the prescence of three white feathered cats, who gets infected. their feathers become yellow fur, then green, then black. they look rabid, so i snap one of their necks, they become calm but do not die. Jack approaches me, and tries not to get too close. he is infected. i cry and hug him close anyway, and i realize i hadnt seem him for a bit in the dream i ask, how long as it been? ( i meant since id seen him) and he answers "52 years" (he meant since wed been married, and that i had alzheimers and forgotten him) i cry more and say "i thought we were still teenagers barely in love"

the feelings are so real i wake up screaming and crying, and they terrify me. please please please help me understand!
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:alzheimers | boils | boyfriend | current boyfriend | death | dirt | extra money | friend elizabeth | gas station | handle bars

Dream Dictionary Type: death dream
Dream Posted on: 02/24/13
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