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Life Time Dream (Death Dream)
I was in historic Folsom, (a city in Sacramento) it was a Sunday and Halloween was coming up soon. I was walking up the Hill on Riley and to my Right was a old Brick building and there was an Old Man motioning his hands to Come towards Him... and I Did. as I he showed me his Costume shop. he told me to put on this Fake Fireman's Costume. I asked why no time to explain and he handed me a watch. and Shoved me out the Door... as I stepped out to the First wooden step. I saw to my left this Kid being Picked on by a Bunch of Bullies! and I Rushed over there To Break up the Fight As I got Closer I the Kid was also wearing a Fireman's Costume. as I continued to Run Towards Him to help him.. the Bullies Got Confused and Punched me mistaking me for him. as I was forced by the Punch I was falling backward the one Bully pulled out a Gun and Shot me it the stomach! As I was Falling things started to slow down, And I saw the Blood Oozing out of my stomach like a slow leaky Fosset, as I was falling Backwards on to my Back. before I was about to hit the Ground every thing Froze floating in mid air for a second or two... and then I reversed backwards to all Motions tell I was about to Run up to save the Kid from the Bullies!! I knew what I Had to Do as I was Running I punched the Bully in the Face knocking him out! . and because I knocked him out. the kid and my life was spared... I met and talked with the kid his name was Derick. we walked back to the costume shop.

I wanted to talk to the Old man, but he was nowhere in Site... there were some stares the went up to the Roof top on the left and a on the right led out back... we went to the back there was this Dock to a Large Pond. that had mortar boats... and this Girl Comes in and Follows Behind us... She said she wanted to apologize for her Boy friends actions that he is a Super jerk and she Broke up with him she Saw how Brave I was and clung to me as my new Girl Friend.. her name was Kayla... she stepped away From me and walked to the left and walked out farther to the dock to the waters and her Reflection... when all of the sudden the Building Back corner started to Give way... Kayla's movement, on the Dock was Causing the Building that the behind us to Give way and started to Collapse!!! as she was by the edge of the Dock, Derick was the Closest to her and as a Natural Reaction Derick Grabbed her by her waist, to Mover her out of the Way... as the Bricks Came Falling Down, Kayla was saved by Derick. But his momentum though himself into the Fall. As the Bricks it him, and pelted him in the Face the wait of the Bricks was slowly coming down like an avalanche ...when things started to slowdown again. before Derick was going to hit the water time froze and reversed its self... to the Point that Kayla was about to walk to the left. When Derick Grabbed her by the Arm. stopping her From going any further...

Kayla didnt think any thing of it and walked back towards me, hanging on my arm like a Girl in love with a man would... we all went back inside and walked up the stairs to the Top, that led to the empty room were we all saw the old man on the Balcony... we walk to Him as he was Focused on the City... I asked him!! "Whats Going on?" he said all he knows is "in the time line and of life Takes a Life to save a Life"... and I was meant to save Derick, and he is to save her... and. but there is one more Life to be saved... as he looked out the balcony. Then the smell of Smoke filled the our noses. as I looked out I saw the City on Fire! I saw a man leap From a building. And in the streets people were Running in ways that they had no where to Go!!! And I said "We Got to help them!!!" "No" the old man said calmly... "they will be Fine, their life is going to be spared..." "how do you know?" I asked As he handed me a Newspaper. with tomorrows Date.." and said every one finds there way out to be safe. but there is one person who is trapped.... As he scanned the Windows of the Buildings with binoculars. And he said "THERE!!" and pointed to a two story Brick Building with a wooden roof about to collapse! he handed me and Kayla the Binoculars we could see an image of a shadow of a person on the Curtains, from the Fire in Front of them! From the second Story... How can we save them. He said "are you crazy... all you have to do is Jump!" and no thinking Kayla Jumped from my arms and over the Balcony!! I followed after her. as we started to fall, we went really falling... we were Gliding across the Air over the Buildings... Kayla and I landed on the Roof... the weight of us caused the roof to start to collapse but Kayla Landed on the Farthest Part of the building. as the timbers were hot... Kayla fell trough the roof as the causing the support beam to fall with her... as I watch Kayla Fall into the Fire and the Hole of the Roof and the Support beam that was Bunt trough from the Fire. The Fire was about to Fall and Crush Kayla to Death as I was about to watch her Kayla was about to Lay Motion less in the Fire... Time slowed Down as she was Falling thought the Two floors... as time froze again.. I saw.the support beams weight punctured another Hole to the First Flow which would have provide the person who was Trapped, a way out to the bottom floor and out the Door... but then time reversed itself, and Kayla Reversed and the Support beam back to it place all before we were about to land.... Kayla now knowing what was Going on chose to land on the buildings brick edge.. as Did I... and Kayla Jumped Down again. But swinging her self into a window. Causing the Flames to Burn Out ward instead of being Contained in the building By the Bricks... The Draft of the Air changed the direction of the Fire... then as I went to the Kayla changing the Fires Direction she took hold of the persons hand and lead her to the stars the First floor and out the Door... Saving the persons live.... I knew her!!! her name was Vanessa! I knew her Back in Middle School!!! we used to be best friends! My Girlfriend saved my friends life!

The old man and Derick met up with us!!! as we started to co back up Riley street to the costume Shop... the Fires were Going out... we got back to the costume Shop. to help calm Vanessa down... we walked to the back where the old man joined us to sit on the dock to watch the Motor Boats.. I had my legs in the water talking to Vanessa about the good old days and how it was nice to see her again and alive too!! I was happy!!! as we sat and Talked one of the Motor boats Came To closes can Caused this Massive Wave. that Trough me in the water!! and the Wave Caused the brick building to Fall Again. as I was Trying to Swim for air, I was off Balanced by the waves and After shock waves. And with the sudden commotion of in being in the water all of the sudden...I took a Deep breath as I swallowed some Water, causing me to cough and not breath I was starting to Drowned. the Bricks splash and hit the Water as I was slowly starting to sink Vanessa Jumped in the Water to Grab my hand and Pull me up. All the while the bricks and the waves were splashing... she Grabbed me and Swam me up to the Dock for air.. as she was pulling her self up one last Brick fell and hit her in the head. as I tried to jump in to save her it was to late as she was sinking and her back towards the deep and knocked out... I tried to save her like she saved me...alot of blood was coming From her head. as she sank time slowed down and Froze... for a second or Two... then every thing Reversed. to the Point I was at safety and that last brick was about to fall. but this time she didnt try to get up out of the water that her life was Sparred.

the Four of us Bonded like stronger than Family because each one of us lost our lives and saved each others life. And there was no one on earth can under stand that... as we all felt this strong Love that no one could understand... it was Great!! because all of us knew how special each life was to us From on to another. the sun was starting to set the sky was Gold. and things began to have that orange Glow From the setting sun.. we all walked to the light rail station where there was this Box Car... the light rail hasnt come yet... so we went in side. Both the Huge shaft Doors were wide open. we Climbed in there was nothing in it but oak leaves, dirt and a old Love Seat Couch made From Old Burgundy leather... I sat on the Ground next to Vanessa Kayla Sat on the couch next to Derick as we sat, shared stories and laughed at them... the Old man came and Joined us as Kayla and Darrick both being Small Moved over to let him sit. as He sat he looked at all of us and told us he was Dieing and there is One More event that will Happen... As our Faces dropped and the emotion went from playfull to serious.. there was a BRIGHT Flash like someone was Taking a Picture. we all looked and there was this Huge Tidal Wave of Magma Splashing over the hills like Burning and engulfing every thing! Like a Fiery Tsunami Just before it Crashed it to Us... we all knew we were Going to Die... and Braced ourselves for the impacted of Firer and Pain. when I opened my eyes. After there was no Impacted I was Out Side the Costume shop to Faced North towards the River...

I Saw My dad as he was walking up to the Costume shop to Greet me... and Derrik stopped him to talk to him before I could.... and My dad greeted him friendly like nothing was Going on! and I KNEW Something was Different... the Time was Off... after Derrick Ran off I ran up to my dad and Gave him a Huge hug a son could give his Father! I told Him I loved him. and He hugged me Back arms around my back puzzled for the emotion but said.. "I love you too son" I was choked up to not really able to say much because I knew this will be the Last time I might see him... And I said to my self if this is my last day on earth I want it to count and I am going to make my last memories with my dad... as we walked and talked Toward Sutter Street. to the river. I was telling dad that there is a Pumpkin patch, Derrick was now be hind me. I heard a small amount of commotion. and I looked back and Saw the Bully that I hit Picking on him again... but I was to far... to go back and save him... Just then I saw the costume door about to open, and I knew that was me, about to come out... so I turned back around to walk with my Dad...

over the the Cliff was the worlds Largest pumpkin!!! it was Big a an Oak tree and was Growing out of a Vine that looked like a Tree... it was Quite Fascinating to see and I got to share that moment with my Dad! as we started to walk back to Sutter street I ran into my Girlfriend Kayla. I introduced Kayla to my dad... Dad was surprised he didnt know I had a Girlfriend! So he was pleased to meet her. then Politely Said I will leave you two alone. we walked my dad back to his Truck, and Drove away with a Smile... I told dad I loved him one more time, just in case I wont see him again... Me and Kayla walked holding hands to the Box Car were in the Future we knew something was going to happen there... Kayla's ex Boyfriend woke up from his Knock out... and saw me holding hands with her!! he was Furious!!! that he met up with me and her before we got in the Box car... he pulled his Gun on me...and Told Kayla BACK AWAY FROM HIM!!!! And stand by ME!!!!!! When She Refused he coked his Gun. and she with sobbing eyes stood by him... Just then Derick and Vanessa Had Pulled Guns out on Kayla, and Kayla's ex... then Kayla pulled Two Guns out, one at Derrick and one on Vanessa. I pulled out my Gun and Pointed it at Kayla's ex. motion less we stood there. I was confused... but I guess Kayla then said "I Just love the bad guy" as her Boyfriend not taking his eyes and gun off me Said "I love you too" to Kayla... as we stood a Crowd started to Show Up, to see the Show Down... Now at the This Time at the same time our past selves were up at the costume shop where Derick was about ta save Kayla's life. Before the Fire...and the Fire was caused By us!! and as the Crowd started to show so did the old man... and he Tried to stop Kayla from making a Mistake... and I knew I made a Mistake, to think to love her... and the Reason Why me and Derrik couldnt find the old man in the First place because he was here with us!!! I saw a Number that was in RED like Blood over the Crowd 1026. and I said Screw this!!! I am not going to cause this number to be higher than what it is! If I dont die the number will Go Down, just By one! and as I turned to flee!.....

As I was Fleeing I had a Thought That just by be running away all my bullets will not be there to Hit any one that the Number has gone to be down more than what it would have been!!! As I was Running I Ran Behind a Building when I Heard one Gun shot Fired it was The Bullie's Gun towards me. But it Missed as it a wooden Building! That Caused the Building to catch on Fire and explode! after I passed the Building I Jumped from the Explosion and I saw to my Right Vanessa! we Were Both free falling like we were Flying some Distance. and she flew towards me and Grabbed my hand and Told me she loved me.. She always liked me ever sense we were kids and she was two Scared to admit it tell Now... And I looked in her Eyes and I told her I loved her too! the cliff to the River and the pumpkin Patch was now below us. As We Flew we landed to the closest tree that was to us. that was the Farthest oak tree across the pumpkin patch we landed on the thin Branches to the top of the Tree... the branches wenrt able to hold our wait... as we Both started to Fall... hitting every Branch and Bow on the Way down. in the processes I saw the City on Fire and I looked at Vanessa as we hit the Last Branch Fast and Hard. Breaking it... the big Branch when it landed landed Bounced on Vanessa's Ankle Breaking her Foot From the leg. and then bounced off. Her Foot was only attached by muscle and skin. Bruised from being Crushed and her Foot Dangling From her leg...I started Crying as She Screamed in Pain! I didnt know what to do! the frustration of Not sure what to do!! I Cried and I tried to Pick her up to carry her to a Place that she can get treatment... it was only a Few Steps with her in my arms that I told her she is Going to be I looked in her eyes of sadness and Pain, and hope in her eyes that I wasnst lying .. but I was.. then I looked up to see where I was going and to my left was a Medical Foot Doctors Office... as I carried her to the Door... I knew it would be Closed, because it was Sunday.. but still I carried her to the door.. and I approached I saw two female Staff employees that look like they were just getting paper work done. as I tried to bang on the Door, and scream for there help!! They quickly rushed to the Locked door to open it!! And Quickly said "Good thing we were here to day!!! we Know What to Do!!! and One took her From my arms And Carries her Down the Hall to the Back!! the Other Docker Right behind her... And I collapsed on the Ground Sobbing and Crying... and I knew that the Old man must Have done something to be apart of this.. maybe he bought the Property to fund the building so that it would be a Medical Building and the Two female Doctors just so happen to be Working on a Sunday. on the day that Vanessa Broke her foot!!! every thing that happened is to coincidental to not think the old man to be apart of this which he knew years and years ago all this was going to happen... it wasnt a very long time that I collapsed Crying in the door way for Vanessa's life... that as when I arched my body to rest on the Ground exhausted from all the emotions... I woke up.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:being chased | blood | boats | brick | bullies | bully | clif | costume shop | fire

Dream Dictionary Type: death dream
Dream Posted on: 10/20/12
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