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Shape Shifting (Death Dream)
So this dream was very long and very detailed. For some reason I remember all of it even though it happened weeks ago.

The dream started out at my grandmother's house and we were getting ready to move. my grandmother lived in this house for almost 45 years so moving was odd any way. My grandmother told me to come with her to the store. When we got there A guy bumped into our cart. This man had a long face, big brown eyes, stubble on his chin and a crocked smile. He looked to be in his late 50's early 60's. His hand had a clear tattoo of the number 72. This man looked like he was having fun so when ever we saw him I would play bumper carts with him. Soon my grandmother told me to stop and I told this man he had to stop as well. He bumped me a couple more times and I started getting agitated with him. I forcefully told him it was time to stop and he pulled out a box cutter and held it to my throat and said "It ends when i say it ends". Then the dream shifts and I am at a bon fire. And surrounded by friends and family. One of my friends feels like we where being watched and asked if I couldn't walk her to her car. On the way there this cat was following us and she pointed to it and ran. I locked the cat inside the house and started to walk back to the fire. I turned around and I saw the cat morph into the man from the store and he smiled at me. He waved and opened the door. Then the dream shifted again. I got a text message from my grandmother and the clock said 7:20 and the message was saying that she moved into the new apartment and that I should come and see it. The seen shifted again and I was walking into this abandon apartment complex and walked into room 72 (see a pattern I did) When I opened the door I saw the cat from the bon fire Morph into the man from the store. He tied me down on the bed and I was begging him to stop and let me go. he cut my wrist and growled in my ear "it ends when I say it ends." and I woke up and I could feel the ropes on wrists and the cut. I really want to know what the number 72 means along with what the dream means in general.
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Dream Dictionary Type: death dream
Dream Posted on: 07/08/12
Dream Interpretations: 1 dream interpretation
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Posted on July 13th, 2012:
Very interesting dream. Vivid dreams are always much more significant, as well as dreams that stay in your memory like that.

I've seen different interpretations for grandmothers and homes, but I always go by my own and it tends to make sense. To see myself in my parents house is kind of like the perspective I gained from my parents, which in a big way describes your internal life, but to see your grandparents house describes things that were passed down to your parents then passed to you, which you internalized into your perception of reality.

This is (a very good website for dream interpretation) interpretation of a shopping cart:

"To see or use a shopping cart in your dream indicates that you are reaping the rewards and benefits of your hard work. Alternatively, to push a shopping cart in your dream suggests that you need to search out more options for some aspect of your life."

This man you describe, who seems to be an odd looking man, at first plays a little game with you (just having fun) but when you draw the line, he refuses, and threatens to kill you.

Interpreting all of these symbols as aspects of your mind personality, so far it seems like you are trying to work hard at something, but then another part of your mind interjects, refuses to co-operate, and then threatens to 'destroy you'. To destroy you or kill you, in my mind, refers to the situations in our mind where 'if that were to happen, I don't know how I could go on living' sort of thing. So so far it sounds like a really old wound, potentially older than your grandmother, where there's a problem that needs to be addressed but since addressing that problem would create another, more severe, potentially life changing problem, the problem is neglected. But lets keep looking.

The bon fire is straightforward, it is the center of your family and personal relationships. It is what holds your personal relationships together. The cat is an interesting symbol, its a feminine sign. Feminine traits (and don't take this as prejudice) are usually that of relaxation, gossip, contentment with what is as opposed to creating change, etc (obviously all of us have feminine and masculine traits) which works in sync with the shopping cart, which represented hard work, because the cat is also the man. Pieced together it sounds like this wound has to do with a feminine aspect of yourself, something in all likelyhood you were taught not to express, that doing so would impose the worst consequences. You try to lock him away in your mind (house) but it cannot be dealt with that way, it does not simply disappear. The friend you were with also is an important symbol, either she knows about it to a degree, or she might also carry the same wound.

Now your grandma has moved, and important part in this story. Contextually, it signifies moving on from the problem. Unfortunately, when you arrive to see the new home (what life becomes after the resolution), the man is waiting for you. He ties your wrists (ropes indicating your connections and attachments to others, wrists being symbols of action, change) and once again threatens you. The wound is taking control of you and your life.

More interesting than anything else in this dream however, is what the man says again and again. "It ends when I say it ends." This isn't some kind of threat, this represents you stomping your foot down! Its you reaching the point where you cannot bear it anymore and say enough! This is the point you need to reach to overcome the problem.

I don't know what the 72 means, but it is very important. 7 is a symbol of divine unity, almost like everything works together so perfectly there is nothing happening, but 2 is the opposite, it is a symbol of duality, of things butting heads and creating friction and tension. I think this number either has personal meaning or you may even see it often when it is time to overcome this obstacle, or afterward. But that is speculative at best.

Hope this was some help to you
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