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A sunny day in what seemed like autumn. Trees motionless, the air still. An other wise beautiful day tainted by the death of a child. My child.

Emotions flooding my senses, my tears glands overwhelmed, unable to control the streams that ran down from my eyes. How could it be? The death of MY SON? I held something that reminded me of him. And where there seemed to have been no more tears left to cry, a seperate resevoir of emotions was triggered and the streams continued to flow. Such was the great feeling of sadness that I felt. I could feel it, the death of one most beloved. My son.

Across the room, close to the dooorway of what seemed to be a church sat two boys. Two boys, barely in their teens. My children. Whether their age was symbolic of how I viewed them. As children needing taking care of in that moment I do not know. All I know is that I could feel their sadness and helplessness. Unable to withstand the mood the permeated throughout the room, they chose to exit. I followed them out. My boys needed me.

"Come, let us sit" As I lead them to a secluded place.

"Do you see the sun?"

"Yes dad", they responded.

"Do you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin?"

"Yes dad..."

"Do you know what it means?"

"No dad. What does it mean?"

"The sun shines on some days. And on other days it does not. When it shines, enjoy the warmth that it provides. Because there will be days when it does not shine sp bright, and you will wish that you had enjoyed the sun a little bit more when it was around. There will be times in life when the sun shines. Times in life when the sun does not shine. Enjoy it when it does. And live life to the fullest..."

Where death reigned, life now presided. Where sadness and mourning dwelled, peace and love now replaced. No more sadness, simply peace and gratitude. Gratitude for the one's that we loved but yet lost. Gratitude for the sun that now shone.

I have no children, never have. I would however hope to have children one day, some day. And I hope that I can be as good and perhaps as wise a father to those children as I was to these children in my dream. Nothing would give me greater joy.

I woke up feeling rather peaceful this morning. With a slight tinge of sadness at the loss of the son that I had never known, but yet loved so dearly. The sun was shining, the trees moved in unicent gently swayed by a light breeze. I woke up and I was grateful for the sun. And a renewed hope that one day, I shall grow to know the love that a father has for his child.

Does it mean anything? I do not know. I generally do not expect anything in life. But I do however hope, for "hope deferred, makes the heart sick but a longing fulfilled, is a tree of life"
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Dream Dictionary Type: death dream
Dream Posted on: 06/23/12
Dream Interpretations: 2 dream interpretations
Dream Rating: 4.50
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Posted on October 14th, 2012:
I accidently came across your dream. It was so odd for I Iwasn't looking for anything as I stopped to check actually just showed up.
The speed of thoughts just ping ponged quickly through my mind and emotions leaving me with this quick although thoughtful feeling of having the dots connected to mean the deceased youngest son over whom you suffered the loss of , was in fact you youself. A finalization of a intimacy with a readiness to to let go completely as this part of you is now complete with the necessities to join and shepard what is your trinty of manhood. The greatest growm up is the dternined inner child to remain un tarnished by this awakened youthful but compassionate man who has great love for the facets he is holding with a relaxing strength. His tear ducts drained he regains the srtengh.Uplited in a loss of what has made him better to continue as his own healer and hold Life demonstratable as the 3 boys he once was, in ways he undertook to become whole. A man's life cannot begin until & unless he knows when it's time for them to futher themselves. To alignine ou to
the stages of the trinities that were meant for you
to live up to the losses and alow yourdelf to have gainrd the steadfastness of what hsd become the evocation and gentile goodness with fierce fericity Was meant to overtake you to prioritize was comfortable but impatient to let the past no longer be a container of obstacles to one paternal man to be moved in any manner but freely.. after your dream allowed the other you to deeply feel your sorrow you morphed into into the beginng of the man you are and wish to even greater be. You have sre coming into greatness, Your very own.
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Posted on June 23rd, 2012:
Maybe something died within yourself represented by the deceased child symbol and God is talking to two aspects of your personalities: the one that wants to give up because of that which has been lost and the other that wants to keep going, seeking a deeper purpose behind some spiritual death - part of you which you once were, maybe you mourn that part of you, unenlightened, inexperienced, innocent and blind... Before you got hurt, the loss of innocence and had to grow up... So it could be a challenge presented to evolve, grow or just give up...accepting the challenge is accepting the growth, or adulthood. Everything has it time and place and its part of nature's rhythm too, wolves are puppies that live with their mothers who learn them to feed, hunt and then they must be off on their own, putting in action what they have learned otherwise their preparation would be meaningless.
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