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Waking Up In Tears (Death Dream)
Im Not Sure How It Really Started All I Remember Isz That Im In A House With People I Dont Know And Their Daughter Walks In Extremely Drunk And The Parents Ask Her To Be Quiet Because Their 3 Month Old Baby Is Sleeping And She Begins To Get All Crazy And The Parents Say If She Doesnt Calm Down Their Going To Call The Cops And She Starts Mocking Them About It And Takes Her Phone Out And Starts Calling 911 I Asked Her To Lend Me Her Phone To See The Time And Because She Is So Drunk She Believes Me And Hnads Me The Phone So I Give It To The Parents And She Became Furious And Picked Up Some Little Rocks And Went Straight To The Baby's Room And Threw Rocks At Him Then We Heard A Loud Thump And The Crib Was Knocked Over And She Walks Back To Where We Wer And The Lady Says That Hes Bleeding A Little From His Head And Told The Drunk Daughter It Was Okay And Myy Little Brother Said , "Thatsz Not Cool , Dom Kick Her *** . She Made A Baby Bleed And Cry " So The Drunk Girl Heard Me And Started To Get Crazy And Wouldnt Be uiet After The Parents Asked Her To So I Grabbed Her And Held On And She Pushed Her Head Back Into Myu Nose And Then Got Louder So I Grabbed Her By Her Hair And Slammed Her To The Floor And Started Choking Her And Socking Her Til She Stop Yelling And She Did , I Simply Thought I Knocked Her Out And My Little Brother Sid She Was Dead . I Felt Horrible And I Looked Around And The Family Was Gone It Was Only Me And My Brother But Only We Wer In A Different House , An Old Abandon House That Had Caution Tape Everywhere . Myy Little Brother Said. " Yeahh, You Finally Got Her To Shut Up" And Then Gave Me A High Five But Only My Hand Went Through His As If He Wasnt Even There And He Smiled And Said Its Okay And Then I Felt A Warm Hand Placed On My Shoulder And It Was The Father f That Drunken Girl And He Said ,"Its Okay , Youll See What Happned In Your Head When You Finally Realize Why Your Here And What Actually Happened " But Only The Man Looked Older As If Time Had Past In It Was Years Later But Only My Little Brother Looked The Same 11 Year Old He Was In The Beginning . I Looked At Him And Smiled At Me And Said," Its Okay It Was An Acident , I Still Love You Alot ! " From There I Started To Think And Realize That My Brother Was Dead But I Didnt Know How It Happened But All I Knew Was It Was My Fault , But I Couldnt Realize Why And How It Was My Fault But As Soon As I Realized He Was Dead Myy Heart Felt Empty . I Looked At Him In Confusion With Myy Eyes Starting To Water And I Told Him,"I Dont Remember What Happened , Im So Sorry Brother" I Never Call Him By His Name , It Was A Little Thing We Had That Made Our Bond Different From Our Other Brothers , And I Felt So Much Closer To Him After I Told Him I Didnt Remember Anything . He Smiled At Me And Said ," Its Okay I Love You So So Much , Gimme A Hug" So I Got Down On My Knee And Hugged Him The Tightest Ive Ever Hugged Him But When I Pulled Back To Look At HIm He Was Gone. I Walked Everywhere Calling Out For Him , Everywhere I Stepped Foot You Can Hear Me Calling Out ," Marcos ! , Where Are You Papas ? Please Answer Me , Im So Sorry Brother Please Come Back " But I Still Couldnt Find Him I Looked Everywhere And I Cried The Whole Time From When I Hugged Him To This Very Moment As I Type , Remembering My Dream Also Makes Me Feel Empty And Sad As If The Dream Was Real . I Ended Up In A Forest Where I Found Some Teenagers There Playing Across An Old Busted Up Bridge , Two Guys And Two Girls . They All Look At Me With Confusion And One Of The Girls Asks Me , " How Did You End Up Here ?" And I Didnt Know What SHe Meant By That So I Said,"Here? Like In The Forest ?" And She Looked Around At Everyone And One Of The Guys Smirked And Said ,"She Soesnt Even Know Yet , She Hasnt Realized It Yet" Then They All Started To Talk To Eachother In Soft Whisper Then A Girl Walked Towards Me And Said ," We're All Dead . . . And So Are You . . ." I Didnt Understand Why She Would Say That ," Dead? No I Cant Be Dead Im Looking For My Little Brother . Wait , No Why Am I Here ?" The Other Guy Looks At Me ,"Everyone That Dies Ends Up Here Only If They Dont Rememebr How They Died And Havent Found Peace. Mostly They Stay To Their Familiar Surroundings Til They Realize Theyve Past On And How It Happened , So Why Are You Here?" I Started To Cry ,"My Little Brother , Hes Dead . . . It Was My Fault , I . . . I Killed Him" He Smirks At Me And Turns To Look At The Others Then Turns And Looks At Me,"How Did U Kill Youself ?" Since They're All Dead And Still Here They Probably Dont Know How They Died Either I Thought . I Started To Think Harder And Harder And It Played In My Head I Then Heard A Gunshot In My Mind ," I Got A Gun And Shot Myself , I Couldnt Stand Being Without Him So I Decided To Kill Myself And Follow Him. I Thought The Only Way To See My Brother Again Was If I Died Too" They All Started To Laugh And One Of Them Said," Hahah Nah It Doesnt Work That Way," The Other Guy Said,"I Dare You!" I Didnt Know What He Was Talking About When He Says," I Dare You" So I Said,"Dare?" , "Yeah , I Dare You To Run Across The Bridge Before It Breaks , If It Breaks You Fall Into The Water Of Trapped Souls" , "Water Of Trapped Souls?" , "Yes , If You Run Across The Bridge And Back Before It Breaks Then You Pass On But If You Dont Make It You Fall Into The Water Of Trapped Souls And Youll Never Find Peace And Youll Stay Trapped In The Middle Nor Heaven Nor Earth , Like Us Four." I Started To Think And Cry And Wonder . I Said To Myself In Such Soft Whisper,"My Brothers Gone, And Its My Fualt . I Dont Deserve To Find Peace And Happyness . I Love My Brother So Much Why Did I Not Take Care Of Him Right ?" Then I Finally Realize How My Brother Died , I Was Supposed To Pick Him Up From School And Take Him Out To Eat And Instead I Got Hung Up With Some Friends And Forgot , So My Brother Walked Home And Got Hit By A Car , My Car . I Hit My Brother With My Car And It Was Sudden Death , I Couldnt Believe It So It Took Me Years To Figure Out He Was Really Dead And The Whole Time I Thought He Was Here With Me . So I Looked At All Four Of Them And Said,"Okay Ill Do The Dare," So I Started Walking To The Bridge And I Got On Top Of The Rail And They All Stared With Confusion ,"No Wait , Wat Are You Doin ? ! " I Crossed My Arms Across My Cheast , Turned Around With My Back Towards The Water And Whispered ,"Brother , I Miss You So Much And Im So Sorry . I Love You , This Is For You" And I Leaned Back And Let Myself Fall In The Water And As I Fell In I Started To Cry Like Ive Never Cried Before. My Boyfriend Woke Me Up And Said Ive Been Crying , Practically Screaming In My Sleep , I Started Crying Again As He Held Me And Told Me ,"Its Okay Babe , Its Okay .It Was Only A Dream And Im Here Now Okay Ill Always Be Here Babe , Shhh Its Okay Stop Crying , Relax." I Dont Know Why I Had This Awful Dream , My Brother Means The World To Me And For Me To Dream Something That Is Not True Kills Me Inside. I Hate My Dream And I Wanna Know Why I Had This Dream And What It Means ?
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:abandon | calling 911 | caution tape | cops | death | drunk girl | drunken girl | hes | little brother | loud thump

Dream Dictionary Type: death dream
Dream Posted on: 10/02/12
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