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Demonic Presence (Demonic Presence Dream)
I have had this dream many times and I have no idea why or when I am going to have this dream. It is always the same no matter what the outcome is ALWAYS the same.

When the dream begins...I am standing in what looks like an old run down house with yellow stained walls and a staircase is somewhat in front of me. I the stairs are old and they have a landing in the middle before they turn. At the top of the stairs there is an old Television set. The one with the dial knobs. And there isnt a picture on the screen but there is sound. And when I get up the stairs the voices in the televison tell me to go to the wall. I walk over to the wall and they tell me to start ripping the wall paper off and I do that for a little while and then all of a sudden I am standing in this little nook in the wall and there is a bookcase of some sort across from me. And I am holding something in my hands a book but im not sure what kind, and there is this presence standing in front of me trying to take something away from me and I feel terrified and I keep repeating something to it and it wont go away and it never says anyting and it continues to try and take whatever it is away from me and I continue to repeat myself and then the presence takes a candle stick and hits me in the back of the head and disappears. I then start walking to the other end of the area upstairs and I see double doors and stairs that go down and double doors at the bottem that lead outside. I feel my head before I walk through the first double doors and there is no blood nor is there a candle stick in my head. I continue to walk down the stairs and walk outside. It is windy and dark. There are some old street lamps in the distance and the steps that are outside are like the ones that you would see at a large court house and I see the street lamps flickering and police cars in the distance and when I step off the bottem step a voice tells me to go back inside and I tell it no and then a dark figure in the distance suddenly appears right in front of me and tells me to get back inside that it isnt safe out here and then I am back inside the house a the bottem of the stairs and my dreams starts over again.

I dont know why or what this dream means. I dont like the way it makes me feel. The presence in the dream is unbeilevable...I have never felt such fear in my life. I beileve that it is satan because of how it makes me feel and some times I know when the dream starts what is going to happen. So even in my dream I know that I am going to go to the wall and then I am going to get hit with the candle stick. Nothing changes ever, I tried to change it but it was like the power the presence or whatever it is was so strong that I could try for a little while but then I just didnt have the strength to fight it anymore. If someone could please help me out. I havent had it in a while but I am hopeing that if I can find a reason why then maybe it wont be as bad or maybe I wont have the anymore. Can someone please help me?
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:bookcase | bottem | candle stick | court house | demonic presence | double doors | knobs | nook | old television | police cars

Dream Dictionary Type: Demonic Presence dream
Dream Posted on: 07/23/09
Dream Interpretations: 3 dream interpretations
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Reaction to this Dream: worried
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Posted on November 1st, 2009:
I think is what you need to focus on next time you have this dream is the first stair case you describe with the landing...look on the walls near the first landing before the staircase turns is there anything written on the wall? a double digit number perhaps???? if so contact me please. Also have you had any dreams recently or in the past where you were a rabbit? I know it sounds weird but if so I need to know about it immediately.
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Posted on June 15th, 2012:
What does the dark presence look like? This is a demonic dream. I have them with the dark presence. Are you a believer?
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Posted on June 2nd, 2013:
It's a lucid dream. Clearer more reality
Then other dreams. It's spiritual not demonic
And it's testing your level of subconsciencenes
During sleep while gauging your self awareness
And confidence in waking life. The knowledge its a dream
Is empowering you to control the reoccurring events and change
The dream according to your needs. Let go of what your holding
That's your ego self, that's why u can't see what it is because
You will name it according to consciousness it's more of a feeling
Than an object. No one can take from you what you choose
To give up willingly. The feeling of doom will be replaced
with Peace and the presence you feel is most likely your spirit guide
If your very lucid next time ask to see them. Ultimately the
Lesson here is believe in the power of the mind fear is a state
Of mind temporary, ready to transition into an emotion based
On your new found ability. Reoccurring dreams are practice lessons
That once you have mastered mind control there you will find
You will use it in all dreams. Bicycle is earliest form of transportation
Growth will allow u to turn a bike into a car in an instant and
While your journey advances to more sophisticated mode of transportation
So do you become more self aware in daily life. Awesome dream! You
Must have high vibration and a unspoken knowing that's forcing
You to grow with it.
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1-3 of 3 Interpretations   

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