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Ok before I go into the description of this nightmare I had, I want to give a little background that might help anyone tell me what this means. I had been pulling away from my church lately, not spiritually, but since my brother moved away a few months ago, there is no one here to force me to go anymore (my parents don't attend), so I have often slept in a missed the service. I do wholly believe in the Lord, though, and I feel I have this yearning to pull closer, but I don't know how, and my skipping church is definitely not helping. Also, I rarely get nightmares anymore. I used to watch zombie movies a lot and get nightmares all the time, but I really haven't had a nightmare in over a year or two. Most of the time, I can't remember my dreams. But, when I do have a nightmare, and I wake up in the middle of it, if I go back to sleep within a minute or two, I will go right back into the nightmare. It scares me so bad because I can't do that with any other dreams, just nightmares. Anyway, here is my dream:

At the beginning of the dream, I was trying to find a place to sell yearbooks for my school, or a place for kids to pick them up or something. I was going between the front of my neighborhood, and this little store that IRL is a bit down the road from my neighborhood, but in the dream, it was right next to it. At some point, that little store morphs into a room in a hallway in a random house that I don't recognize, but I know that the hallway is on the second floor of this house. There are a bunch of people going in and out of the rooms in the small, dimly lit hallway, and there is a demon in the house. For some reason I think the people are trying to conjure it? The first scene I remember encountering the demon (which is male), I am in this room, and there is a person sitting cross-legged on the floor, and she is just sitting there really non-humanely still. I am a bit frightened, and I look over at the other two people in the room standing up, and slowly their heads starts to fall back, and I can see a second face form out of their necks. At this point I know they're all possessed, so I run out of the room, and it seems everyone is getting possessed but me, so I tell myself that I will fight for my sanity and keep from being possessed by this demon. I run from the hallway into this more open room, and I turn around and BAM every single person in the house is possessed, maybe like 10-15 of them, and they're all standing around me in a semi-circle, closing in. At that point, it clicks in my brain, and I think "This was all just to get me. They were saving me for last" (they being the possessed people). They come at me individually, up in my face, taunting me. Their skin is sickly pale and clammy looking with unnatural hues around the eyes and hairline. Their faces still have human shape to them, but as I keep pushing them away, their faces start morphing into the demon that possess them, turning sickly-green with nasty teeth and dark eyes- over-all evil-looking. At some point, I start praying. I pray so hard and so loud, singing out praise songs from my church. I look at the people and I pray for them saying, "God help you," and then I start praying for myself because I believe in the deep of my soul that God conquers all evil, so over and over I just keep repeating "God help me, please save me!" and saying things like "I love you Lord, help me!" The people around me taunt me and sneer like "God won't help you", but then they start to disband back into their rooms in the hallway, and I think I've won, but then it starts all over again, turning around and randomly running into one of them chasing me with creepy outstretched hands.

Then I wake up, scared out of my mind, repeating in my head "God help me, please save me," and I fall back asleep quickly, and the exact same dream continues. At one point, I think this is maybe a different scene, but it plays in with the nightmare, the scene morphs and I am running away from someone else who is trying to kill me. They shoot me or something, and I fall down and play dead, and for some reason I know I am infected or possessed, and there are other non-possessed humans around. One of them comes around to my legs (I am laying on my stomach), and I am playing dead, but I still breathe, so I have to try and hide my breathing, but they buy it and they think I am dead. I feel this person dragging me by the legs, and then the scene changes, and I am outside of my body watching the scene, and two people are holding my body, one at my hands and one at my feet. They are on the edge of a cliff, and they are swinging my body back and forth like they're about to throw it off the cliff into the water below. I can't do anything, I'm just staring at the scene thinking, "Oh my God, but she's alive!" For some reason, I know the body is mine, but I refer to it in the third person. The body is dressed in a white gown like a sleeping gown, and the people swinging it finally decide to throw it off the cliff, so they do. The body falls to the water below and is instantly swarmed by sharks or cannibals, it's too far down to tell, and they eat the body, and I know that the body is still alive and currently being eaten alive, but it doesn't scream or speak, just dies getting eaten. I look at the faces of the girls around on the cliff watching, and their faces say "Well, she's dead, at least she doesn't feel it."

And that was all I remember.
It scared me so bad, both of them, but especially the first part. There are some parts that I can't remember, like a little flicker of a memory strikes me, but it's gone before I can fully tell what it was about.
Sorry for excess run-on sentences and poor grammar, but I wanted to get it all out before I forgot.
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Dream Posted on: 07/05/11
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Posted on June 1st, 2012:
This dream is actually quite simple. The demon possessed people surrounding you and taunting you could possibly be the people who surround you, or the turmoils of your current life in a humanoid form. In any case, these demons are trying to possess you and steal you away from the God you believe in. Satan must be pulling at you somehow in your waking life, but he knows you are strong in your faith and is pulling at you in several directions.
The part where you play dead could mean that at some point you give it to one of the possessed and are carried off while you are unaware of it. Then you may look back in hindsight(where you floated out of your body and talked in third person) and know that you are on the wrong path, but can't/won't do anything about it. Then all the demons find there way into your life, eating away at your faith despite all the cries for help. This may mean something is wrong with your spiritual life, or that God is planning to test you soon. Hold on to your faith and keep God in the middle of all you do, and you may pass the test better than you did in your nightmare. :) Good luck to you.
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Posted on June 1st, 2012:
2nd part of the dream, here's what I see:
Although you are aware there are others around who are not infected/possessed you feel for best option for survival is to play dead. You are trying to fit in- "conforming to this world". Trying to hide your breathing- your life. Your true you. What you don't understand is that y doing so you're leading yourself from a pretend death to a real one (spiritually speaking).
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