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The Great Hall (Destiny Love Dream)
*** Some of the imagery in this dream comes from a Christian standpoint, which reflects the worldview I was being raised in when I had this. Today, I follow no religion.


There was no moment before. No memory of previous events that led up to this. I came into being confused and disoriented, crushed on all sides by the throngs of people. Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing here? These were the first questions that hit me. Panic began to set in. I pushed and clawed my way through the crowd until I found an oasis in the mass. I took a moment to collect myself and studied my surroundings.

I was in the Great Hall. It stretched for what seemed a thousand yards, massive ornate Cathedral doors looming over us at the end. The length of the hall was lined with pillars, and the floor made of smooth marble cut into diamond-within-diamond patterns. The most notable feature was the lack of walls. It was if this hall simply sat in some undefinable space. Self-contained existence.

I turned my attention to the crowd. We were all robed in white. I searched for people I might recognize to no avail. Here, surrounded, I was truly alone. The people chatted with each other with ease, but I couldn't find the words. What words I did find fell on uncaring ears. I was unimportant, or maybe just invisible.

The reason we were all here grew quickly apparent. People started to couple and pass through the pillars into the void beyond. As the room began to clear I began to search for someone, anyone, for I did not want to be alone in this place.

I did not succeed. The Great Hall emptied seemed more oppressive than the nothingness in which it sat. I lost hope.

"Come with me."

I turn to see who had spoken. I saw a man. Handsome and delicate, with long and flowing golden hair. He needed to introduction. This was Gabriel, the Messenger. Not one to question the command of an Angel, I began to follow. We walked, seemingly endlessly, towards the monstrous doors.

I was so focused on the doors I did not notice that someone else had joined us. At some point in the journey I looked over and there she was: The Faceless Woman. She was ugly and I was disgusted by the sight of her. Her face seemed to shift and blur, as if my mind could not assemble her image. I drew away, keeping my distance.

She was my mate.

As we approached the doors, their reality began to shift. They were simultaneously the massive Cathedral doors, and the door to my bedroom where I was sleeping. Gabriel stopped us outside of my/the door(s). He motioned us to enter, and we did reluctantly.

It was my room, in every detail, but none that mattered in terms of this dream.

Wee looked at each other and knew what came next. We were going to copulate. I was less than enthused by this, but it was what need to be done. I sat on my bed and she stood before me. Her robe hit the floor with a soft thud.

She was average, with firm breasts. The passion aroused in me, I found her less disgusting.

Deciding not to use the bed, we laid on the floor. I roamed her body and began to feel even attraction to her. Ready, I moved on top of her thrust.

She was warm. I like coming home. Suddenly all the negative emotions I had towards her melted away and I was left with burning desire. I had to know this woman. I studied her face, which was smiling at me, but it continued to shift. No amount of searching gave any clue.

I then noticed the skin above her breasts. She was pale, but this area of skin gave off a rosy hue. I was drawn to it, the only identifying mark on an unidentifiable woman.

We continued to make love, enjoying the sensa--

The door to my room flew open with a bang, startling us. Annoyed, I got up and shut the door, eager to get back to my mysterious mate. As I settled back into her my concentration was broken, and those feeling of pleasure suddenly became harder to come by.

The door slammed open again.

Frustrated I got up and went to the door. When I closed it this time, it refused to latch and swung open again. I gave up. The door would not shut. I looked back towards my love, a fading apparition.

"God has given you three tasks."

It was Gabriel again. He had appeared outside of my door.

"What are they," I asked.

"The first task is to shut this door." I told Gabriel that I had tried, but this door just would not close. He stared impassively at me. Sighing, I tried again. Taking the doorknob in hand I slowly shut the door, expecting the same results.


The door shut and locked.

I felt the sun beat upon my face. Turning to my right, I saw paradise. Green land and mountains holding up a brilliant blue sky. The wall to my room had crumbled, the stone strewn about my floor. Pillars sat on each end of the remains of the wall, framing the scene beyond.

"YOUR SECOND TASK," boomed the voice of God from everywhere, "IS TO SPELL THE NAME ALEXANDER." No sooner than He said this nine stone tablets rose from the rubble and hovered mid-air in a straight line between the pillars.

Spell Alexander? I inwardly chuckled at the thought. This was too easy. I opened my mouth to say the first letter. Nothing came out. My mind blanked.

"A," boomed God.

I was annoyed. I knew how to spell Alexander, and I didn't need his help.

"A." As I spoke, the letter etched itself into the first tablet. I opened my mouth again to speak the second letter of the name, and once again my mind failed me.

"L, " spoke God. I was angry. Why could I not spell a named I knew how to spell? I repeated, "L." The second stone etched.

And thus it went, God spoke the letter and I repeated after him. Very quickly the full name of Alexander adorned the floating tablets. I longed for the pastures in the distance.

I asked God what my third task was.


It was at this moment, such a critical moment in the dream, that my mother decided to wake me up and tell me to get ready for school. Desperate to hear my third task, I immediately tried to fall back asleep, but to no avail. The dream was lost.
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Dream Posted on: 04/21/10
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