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Oasis On The Road (Discovery Dream)
I was driving my husband to work as usual, when on the road I noticed, I was going kind of fast on the highway, and there was a trailer that had wrecked leaving me a small space to squeeze through. On the other side, I was pinned in by another trailer, but somehow, I managed to maneuver between the both vehicles, and come out safely in amazement. When I came out through the other side, the road had changed into the most beautiful scenery that I didn't recognize with giant pinetree's, and mountain side cliffs. It was really beautiful, and it made me feel happy. All of a sudden, I see this rest stop that looks like a giant oasis in the middle of the road, dividing the road's of traffic going one way and traffic going the other. I am thinking of going to continue driving down the road so I can find a turn around, and find a way to get to a road I can recognize, but instead I take the road that takes me inside the oasis/rest stop. I continue going through the rest stop oasis, which leads me to a giant cave/tunnel. When I go through it, I am so happy because it's absolutely gorgeous. The ceiling was so high up, that it could accommodate giant pinetree's, hill's, and enough space for wild life to be chasing each other in the center for me to view. There were these gigantic bull's that were playfully chasing each other. They had huge horn's, and had brown and white soft fur. There was a stream that was dividing the area, between the road I was traveling on, and the beautiful scenery of the cave. The road that I was cruising on allowed me to have a view of everything. Between the road, and this beautiful scenery, there was this large stream. On both sides of the stream, there were these large outdoor sofa's placed strategically on both sides of the stream. On some of the sofa's, there were hillbillies sitting on them, fishing and relaxing. In my mind, I thought what a beautiful place I found so close to our home. Now we have a place to go to that we can enjoy. The strange thing about it though was that everyone there was dressed like a hillbilly. They had dirty overall's, hat's, and I think even some were barefoot. I wanted to get down and enjoy myself, but I was wearing Lacey white pj's. So I told my husband, "Their going to think I am from an insane asylum!" 
buy he convinced me that they probably wouldn't think anything because they were all wearing hillbilly outfits. So I got down to look for a shop to see if I could find some clothes, and as I looked into the faces of the hillbillies that were staring at me, I noticed that their faces looked very weathered, dark, and a bit dirty. It seemed as though they had been working very hard, but now were relaxing. They were very friendly, and began to say hi. That's when I noticed they had big blue eye's and sweet facial expressions behind that rough exterior. when they smiled, their teeth were in bad condition, but I looked past everything, and was comforted by their friendliness. I still was wondering why that even though I lived close to the border, there were no Hispanics. I was trying to figure out how this beautiful area, could be so close to the border where it is dry, and desert like. I was starting to think that I actually died and had gone to heaven? Purgatory? Or hell? "What if all of these people will never let us go?" I thought to myself. "What if this place is just to capture us, and turn us into slaves?" I continued, "What if, I had jumped into an episode of the twilight zone?" Then we were asked if we wanted a table in a restaurant, and I noticed that my li'l girl was missing. A gentleman came, and introduced himself, but he didn't look like a hillbilly. He was wearing a light brown velvet suit, which matched the color of his hair, that was cut in a military/modern fashion. He told me to not worry about my daughter, because she was talking to some other little girl, and talking to everyone. I still couldn't help but worry, because she wasn't with me. I started to relax when other people began sitting with me, telling me how charming my daughter was. I still told my husband to get her, but he came back without her, saying that she was having too much fun. Then I remembered that one of the lady's with a black shawl got up to leave the table, and whipped it around her neck. The tail of it was so long, it not only wrapped around her neck, but wrapped around my entire head as well. I pulled it off of me, and laughed. For some reason no one else had laughed, and I woke up.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:amazement | beautiful place | beautiful scenery | discovery | enough space | giant cave | hillbillies | oasis | pinetree | rest stop

Dream Dictionary Type: Discovery dream
Dream Posted on: 12/30/12
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