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Wolf Pack (Dogs/Wolves Dream)
I can't remember exactly what happened because I can never remember my dreams in detail but...My family and I went to some concert and each move we made the place got more weird almost as if the place was if the place was just a big cover up and that nothing was as it seemed! We all wanted candy and I found the candy section. As I looked around I saw some gum that my mom loves. It was Bubulicious gum but instead it was strips of gum. My stepsister freaked out and said look at the price (name) it's $58.00. No way. I said. and she showed me the price. When I picked it up I showed her the real price. Which was $1.58. We gave the gum to my mom and I started exploring. Then all of a sudden everything changed. People started running away from something. After that I don't remember exactly what happened but I do remember hiding from whatever was trying to kill us. I was following this rottwieller or black lab that I thought was helping me but it turned out to be the thing that everyone was running from. But there was two of them. I assumed one was good and one was bad but that wasn't the case. They both were evil but I didn't know that yet. One was more evil. One of then tried to attack me and I was fighting for my life and I was thinking the whole time" Why won't I wake up?, Why won't I wake up?" So I was able to get on top of the dog eventually and I had to choke it to death. I said "I'm glad thats over!" but then the other dog which was more evil said that that dog was just a decoy. The dogs eyes started turning piercing red with red teeth and it started circling me. So I ran on a chair and I called the dog over. Once it came over I jumped on it and we fought. Eventually I got on this ones back and choked it to death. I can't remember whether or not I felt any remorse. All of a sudden my friend B.A. was in the dream and I found my self running away trying to find a place for her and I to hide from something else. Before I knew it we were sliding in the crevices of this ice wall. When we got up it was a pack of wolves. I looked again and there was this black wolf staring at me, snarling and it had yellowish golden eyes. Its fur sparkled and it was the biggest of the pack. Infact it was the biggest wolf I had ever seen. I was so scared but then a thought came to me. "Show submission." So I walked towards the wolf with every inch of fear in my body and dropped to my knees, without dropping eye contact. I tried to be as relaxed and as calm as I could. It came up to me and sniffed me and circled me and kept eye contact with me. Then it nudged me and all I could think about was how I just killed and what he doesn't deem me worthy. I can't remember what else he did after that. But I do remember when that was all over a wolf from the pack came up to me started talking to me and showing me around and asked questions. He asked about food and told us we could eat with them. They were eating shrimp that blew out of these geysers. My friend B.A. escaped. She went back to where we were running from. Something was talking to us through the wall and all of a sudden I left and I was with my family again. I had forgotten all about the wolf pack. When I woke up all I could think about is the wolf pack and that Black Wolf. "Why did he let me in the pack? Why was the dog trying to kill me? Why did I leave the pack? Why didn't I stay with them? Why did I go back to my family? When they felt like my family? Why is the Black Wolf all I can think about?"
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Dream Dictionary Type: Dogs/Wolves dream
Dream Posted on: 01/16/10
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Posted on January 19th, 2010:
I'm not possitive but it almost sounds like a cult, or gang, or something like that. I love wolves too, and it seems like the two black wolves were like the omagas of the group(the lowest of the low in a wolf pack) or the Alpha(leader) and Beta(second in command) of a rival pack. That would explain why the pack Alpha would let you in the pack. You leaving the pack could be like leaving a group to protect and be with your family. The black wolf could also be a future enemy between you and some thing you want, or think you want.
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