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Driving A Bus (Driving Dream)
I dreamed i was driving a bus, i parked at a bus stop and when i came out from the shopping area, a police officer told me to move before i get a ticket. Then i made a U-Turn pressing the gas too hard. My brakes didnt work, so i couldnt stop i ended up cutting threw traffic and driving on the sidewalk.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:brakes | bus stop | driving | police officer | shopping area | sidewalk | traffic | u turn

Dream Dictionary Type: driving dream
Dream Posted on: 11/29/08
Dream Interpretations: 1 dream interpretation
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Posted on April 6th, 2012:
Before I attempt to give you some insight into your dream I must briefly share a dream of mine which is strikingly similar to the one you described involving a bus, and even the police. When it began I was already in the act of driving, and at first there was only myself inside, but suddenly people started boarding while I was driving thoguh it was hardly my intention to collect them. Suddenly I had the feeling that the ¨authorities¨ were after me as if I hijacked the bus. Before I knew what happened next the bus was small enough to fit into the palm of my hand, so instinctivly I waved my other hand over it to perform some type of ¨magic¨ if you will so as to return the bus to it´s normal size so I wouldn´t get arrested for shrinking the bus, and it worked. However when the bus returned to normal, all I saw was the confused faces of the people inside. There were police with dogs and helicopters with search lights everywhere looking for me so instinctivly I hid myself. The end.
Now, how does this relate to your dream? The bus I believe is a symbolism of the collective mind, perhaps the general or popular perception, if you will. Something you are doing or are about to do is about to go against the grain, or the norm of how people are ¨supposed to act¨ or do things according to societies standards. It sounds like the ¨authorities¨ were warning you from the begining so you don´t even attempt whatever the action in question is. This action isn´t necessarily negative, but the police I believe in this sense represent whatever wants the dreamer to remain in the regular or collective stream of thought so as not to disturb a set order in place for commoners. Also I find it interesting that your dream began in front of a shopping mall. Money perhaps? Capitalism? Consumerism? What line of work are you in? Somethings you should ask yourself. Furthermore, in both of our dreams there was a portion when we began to drive off road, which I think symbolizes thinking outside the box or coloring outside the lines, if you will. A little hard to stop once the trip gets going, eh? Be brave.
Well, I hope I atleast helped provide another piece of your puzzle meanwhile trying to solve mine. Peace and blessings bro. or sis. and don´t stop believing.
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