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Feces In My Mouth (Eating Feces Dream)
I dreamed that I on a bus with my son coming from school in his uniform, he was with his male friends, I have never seen those friends before, I was uncomfortable the way he was interacting with them which is unlike him like in a gay way, then I came off the bus, came a male friend of mine, whom I haven't seen in a while I knew he had liked me, I liked him too but we didn't have an intimate relationship, I spoke to him as if he was a barber to do something in regards to my son's hair I am now assuming cutting or shaving not sure, but he said he had something to do but I remember being very aroused and I was thinking to myself I haven't done it for almost 8 years, and I was being refused, but really I didn't want to break my chastity, so I asked to use his bathroom, I saw a huge piece of feces in the toilet, then I looked in the mirror I felt like gagging but not from the thing I saw but the piece that is stuck in my mouth, that I think it in my stomach and its coming up from my stripe, I tried pulling it out using my right hand, but just the top part just soft like icream came off and the residue on my fingers, then I used my left and it was the same thing, I wasn't sure how to get it out then I woke up
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:8 years | chastity | eating feces | feces | fingers | intimate relationship | male friend | male friends | mirror | stomach

Dream Dictionary Type: eating feces dream
Dream Posted on: 07/07/10
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Posted on July 7th, 2010:
The bus is symbol for you being on a journey in life to get somewhere else. Like spiritually or mentally you are preparing or being prepare for something more important in your life, an upcoming more significant life challenge or experience.

Your son is a symbol for something you think, or something in your life that you want to see succeed.

Being gay in a dream is often a symbol for personality traits that only want to be around their own kind. Usually referring to something you think that only wants to be positive, or only wants to be negative. It means whatever he represents it's something you don't want to change. You like it, and prefer it the way it is.

Based on the whole dream, in this dream I think your son represents a negative thought you like to have and want to see in your life. It's probably desire for someone or something you want, or to be desired.

The guy in the dream I'll guess is a symbol for desire in some manner. Because he rejects you and you get really horny with him it sounds like a symbol for desiring or wanting something in your life, wanting to make more of it (sex), but then you can't ever have it (rejection).

The guy refusing to cut your son's hair is a message that you refuse to change the way you think in regards to this personality trait you have that you like. Again, yuo want and choose to think this way and refuse to even consider changing it all. Hair represents the thoughts that come out of our heads.

Feces is a symbol for negative thoughts you don't need. The bathroom being a time in your life where you are being spiritually or mentally purged of negativity. If the feces gets in your mouth and is hard to get out then it means you are thinking about these negative thoughts and having a hard time stopping.

If the feces is in your stomach then it means you took in the negative thoughts and emotions that the feces represents.

Mirrors in dreams are symbols for self-reflection or seeing yourself for who you really are. If you look in the mirror and gag on the feces then it sounds like a message that you possibly regret something negative you did, or don't like to think about it once you see it for what it really is.
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