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7 Year Dream (End Time Dream)
I have had this dream around every seven years since I can remember and its been about three or four times now. I have not told to many people about my dreams because they get freaked out and somtimes I dream of things that come to pass. So here it goes...

In my dream I wake up in my childhood bedroom and I climb out of bed and walk to the window. As I look outside the sky is calm and instantly a very loud sound comes from everywhere. It shakes me up so bad I lose all strength in my body and fall to my knees. As I stand up and look back out of the window the sky cracks open and Jesus is standing there in the sky. I fall to my knees and look up again and he's gone. A feeling of dread comes over me and I knew I have to get out of the house. Every door and window was locked shut except the back door. I ran out and ended up in front of the house. I looked around and saw that everything was destroyed and burned up and I meen everything. I ran down to the end of the block and saw to my right a tall skinny bridge covered in broken down cars. To my left was just a road leading through the neighborhood. I walked up the bridge and looked over the side when I got to the top. The water was filled with black sharks. I made my way down the other side and ended up in the center of my cities downtown where they hold the gospel music fest as well as other events. There were people wandering around like they were lost or zombiefied. They couldnt hear or see me or anyone else. On the stage in the center of the park sat three huge creatures. I dont remember what the ones on either side of the stage looked like, but the one in the middle was huge and had the body of a dragon and the head of a lion. They just sat there like living statues.

I ran the other way down another street away from the creatures and stopped in my tracks. I had stopped at the edge of a huge abyss where the street fell off into nothing. Then I woke up. This is a reocurring dream but each time I have it I am able to go where I please through out the burned city and everything that I had dreamt before is still in the same places. Thanks for letting me talk about it other people I approached for some kind of help understanding it brushed me off with disrespectful comments and jokes about how I need a shrink. What do you think.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:abyss | back door | cars | creatures | dragon | dreams | end time | fall to my knees | feeling of dread | gospel music

Dream Dictionary Type: end time dream
Dream Posted on: 08/02/12
Dream Interpretations: 1 dream interpretation
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Posted on September 20th, 2012:
The reason why you keep having this dream is because you aren't doing anything in your life that'll change your fate. Take this as a warning sign and a warning sign to others.
"the sky is calm and instantly a very loud sound comes from everywhere."
"the lord will come like a thief in the night" when you least expect it He'll come instantly.
"sky cracks open and Jesus is standing there in the sky. I fall to my knees and look up again and he's gone."
He'll come, take His people, and then leave and tribulation will begin.
"I looked around and saw that everything was destroyed and burned up and I meen everything."
Have you ever seen The Book of Eli with Denzel Washington?

I'll just say, Follow Jesus Christ and Repent.
Don't be left behind.
God Bless.
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