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I was in a wooden 2-story grocery store. I had entered through an area that was not the main entrance. It almost had an old fashioned midwestern appeal. Not the decor really, but there was just something about it, like it was a little unkempt or dusty and dimly lit in some areas. The people in it were few and they were modern folk. I don't remember how the dream started, but my decision to head stairs is where my memory kicks in the most. I was looking for a place to stay the night. I found a nook downstairs in the storage area with brown packing paper for a bed. I don't know how long I stayed or if I'd even gone to sleep yet, but I decided to sneak upstairs and loom around the produce section. I was thirsty and hungry. I looked for my favorite kind of apple, the "honey crisp". I grabbed it quickly and then, unsure of what to do next, because there were people looking at me, I tried to act casual and slowly walk in the direction of the checkout. But right before I got to it, one of the isles of food blocked the cashier's view of me and I quickly dodged out the main entrance. When I got outside, it was night time with a couple of lit lamps near the building and in the street, and a couple different people in view in the distance. It was pouring rain that felt great plopping on my head. I stayed there for a while near the entrance at the top of the hill. There was a tall barbed wire fence to my left wrapping around something I couldn't at the side of the building. I walked over in front of it and sat down on the muddy bark and looked down the hill. I felt comfortable and my bottom didn't get wet, just a little cold. The first bite I took into the apple was crisp, juicy, refreshing, sweet, and amazing. I soon as I bit it, I heard thunder above my head and I quickly looked up while the lightning literally lit up my skull, my vision, and then my mind and body. It was exciting at first, but followed by a feeling peace, tranquility, and clarity. When I looked at the sky, the lightning was repeating itself and with each flash it highlighted a huge whale swimming high in the sky above my head. It made huge undulations dunking his head in my direction and then up again. It was really majestic looking to me and was a lot like the kind from the movie, "Fantasia". As soon as I saw it, my whole body felt amazing, like God was speaking to me, watching over me. I felt this incredible grace cradling me all around and the almost bleak surroundings shifted and became serene to me. The sky, when not lit by lightning, was blue-black with a few hues of lite-emerald and a few clouds here and there. All of the sensations: the apple, the rain, the lightning, and the whale watching over me made me feel like a little girl again. It caused me to regain the senses and intuitive feelings and feelings of connection with nature and spirit around me that I had when I was young. When I looked around and then to my right to see if anyone saw what I was watching, I saw a cop arresting someoned by their car down the hill right outside the store. He glanced at the area in the sky where the whale remained and then back at me. He stared at me for a bit and then shook his head at me. I wasn't able to register at first what he was thinking, but the closest I could come up with was, "Where have you been?", or "Where are you?", "How pathetic.","Why is that meaningful to you?", "Why do you still care about that? We've all seen a whale before.", "Kids and their silly dreams..." I looked back at the whale and decided to ignore him, realizing that he is a miserable person that kills peoples' high spirits. Then I woke up:)
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:apple | barbed wire fence | cashier | clarity | downstairs | epic dream | first bite | grocery store | honey crisp | lamps

Dream Dictionary Type: Epic Dream dream
Dream Posted on: 12/29/11
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Posted on February 10th, 2013:
This is the only site I've found that gives symbolism on Humpbacks specifically --"Whales have a form of echo-location or sonar. This sensitivity to sound links the humpback whale to the primal creative sounds of life. Sound is the creative force of life. Humpback whale teaches us how to direct it and respond to its feedback. This can be used to tap hidden levels of our mind and even to accelerate the manifesting of our goals.
Unlike the sociable ***** whale, the humpback whale lives in a very loose and changing group of about 4-10 whales where the most stable and longest lasting relationship is between mother and calf. They remain close to each other for up to a year. When the humpback appears, there is usually a year cycle at play in which our creative powers of sound and voice will develop. We will find ways to use our voice more effectively in all aspects of our life." -- (notice the real format of this url should be a given where it says "dotyuku" instead of ".yuku". It won't let me put the real url to prevent spamming.)
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Posted on December 30th, 2011:
"Found a nook downstairs in the storage compartment" indicates going down into the unconscious where all our memories are stored.

"Eating an apple" represents taking in information or knowledge.

You were wise to not let this naysayer dampen your spirits for a whale is a symbol of resurrection and rebirth.

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Posted on December 30th, 2011:
Thanks, Buddingrose4u, for showing this in a positive light:) They are good words of encouragement.
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