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Evil Presence & Pregnancy (Evil Presence Dream)
I have had 2 dreams with the same evil presence in within the same week. I originally put both down to falling asleep with wet hair which was the only thing I had done the same and never usually do, that and anxieties from work however, I recently found out I am pregnant and the week I had the 2 dreams was the week after conception... They are playing on my mind because of their content and the link to my pregnancy.

Dream 1 - This dream started in a European hotel, I think I was travelling in Italy, it felt like maybe I was working and was not staying long but that I had returned to the hotel in the evening. I went to speak to the receptionist, the entrance of the hotel was light in colour but seemed dirty as well, almost contradicting, so a lot of light but it felt dark in some way. There was a rounded helpdesk/reception area and you had to walk up rounded stone/marble steps that were also rounded like the design was semi-circle on top of semi-circle to create steps to the rounded desk. As I was walking toward the steps I noticed a man arguing with the woman at the helpdesk. I remember feeling uneasy about him, I think he was speaking in another language but I could understand him.

I then noticed a set of keys, obviously for a room in the hotel lying on the cream stone marbled floor. I don't know why I remember this all so vividly but I do. I stared at the keys and then picked them up, I inteneded to take them to the helpdesk but the man arguing seemed so hostile I think I decided to do it in the morning.

I went to my room. It was dark but I felt fine. The room was very bare, like a hostel or uni room, there was a double bed with old looking sheets, not dirty just old coloured and an old tv that wasn't very big and the bed was next to the entrance door and the foot of the bed faced a bathroom that went off to the right, so you could see the bathroom door but not straight on, as in side on running along a wall.

I decided to put a film on as I wasn't tired and I was travelling home the next day. I put the film "One Day" on with Anne Hathoway in. This is where it became very strange. As I started watching the film, I was sat on my bed, but the tv turned into a large cinema screen and the walls of the bedroom turned into something completely different... The only way I can describe it was like I was driving home at night on the motorway and could see lights whizzing by and stars blurred and hills in the darkness... as if my bed was moving while I was watching the film on a large screen and I could see things passing by whilst wathing the film. As if I was travelling home.

The film finished and the travelling experience stopped and the film switched off and I was back in the same room. The lights wouldn't turn on, as if there was a power cut. There was a low light coming from the bathroom so it looked like a slit of light with the door shut. I had a torch (I don't know where from) and I shone it towards the bathroom because I could hear shuffling and this is where I had a strong sense that something was in the room with me, it felt wrong, evil, dangerous... I shone the light on the door handle and watched the door handle move down and the door creak open a little and I am sure I saw a shadow n the light of the bathroom. I jumped off of the bed ran to the bathroom door flung it open my heart pounding and shouted get out! but there was no one in the bathroom at all and then I felt the evil presence behind me to my left in the corner of the room near where I stood near the bathroom (so away from the bed) I turned and just remember darkness, tallness, over bearing power and just evil. This is when I woke up.

That was the first dream. When I woke up I had to turn my lights on the feeling of evil was still with me and it was still to the left of me.

Dream 2 - This dream was different in that I dreamt I had woke up. So I dreamt I woke up in my actual bedroom. I dreamt I woke up and could feel that same evil presence in the corner of my room to the left where the door is. My door leads onto a landing near the stairs.

However I quickly became distracted by something moving in my wardrobe which if I lie on my left side I am facing. The doors opened quickly and a creature with a grey body, shrunken human like body but moving like a monkey or the only thing I could liken it to is golum from lord of the rings, not that it looked like that just moved like it. It shot out of the wardrobe and got on top of me. It was straddling my stomach and its boney long fingered hands were around my throat and it was choking me. I couldn't get it off although I was trying it felt cold and I had my hands on it's arms but it tried to bite me... the most disturbing thing about it was that it's face had features of one of the little girls I teach at the school I work at! It had a twisted form of her mouth and almond shape eyes which were almost black, hers are deep brown. And it said in the little girls voice "Don't worry you'll give birth soon" it sounded like the girl but hissed and echoey and then as it was strangling me the dark evil presence in the left corner of my room became opressive and I could see a dark matter I wouldn't say figure but a tall dark almost smoke like matter moving towards me and this creature strangling me.

And then I woke up.

I woke up and was a mixture of calm and panic which makes no sense. I moved and turned on my light which was hard enough because it is towards where the dark matter would have been and I just stared at the corner for a while holding onto my throat which did not hurt or was not dry at all.

Usually I am not worried about bad dreams, usually I would have said that I have been stressed out at work and that the child the creature resembled might be one I am concerned about however the fact these dreams happened in the same week one on a Tuesday and the other a Thursday and it was the Sunday before which I now know I conceived this baby... it worries me the fact that in both dreams there was an over powering evil presence watching me near me and that the creature spoke of giving birth and it felt menacing.

I would like to hear any suggestions as to what it might mean for me or my unborn baby.
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Dream Posted on: 02/21/13
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Posted on May 19th, 2013:
Dear LottaD,

I would like to interpret your dream based on my understanding of spirit possessions and human beings as souls.

What you experienced was real and the reason of your dream is the baby you are carrying. They want to possess your baby soul before its born. All of us here we are spirit beings and our bodies are precious. The fallen spirits want to use them to accomplish evil. We come here on earth with special mission, but some of us our missions are so special, and I feel the way you have experienced this so powerfully, your baby has been sent on a special mission by Christ and the devil wants to stop it. In the spirit world a mission is very special if it means helping people, bringing love and hopeand healing into the lives of many and the world . We are born out of love from God, but God our father has an enemy, This enemy is our enemy too, he fights against us to hurt Lord God our Father because God loves us so much that everytime we hurt, he hurts too. Now I believe your child has a very special mission and the devil with his angels wants to frustrate this mission. The Devil could have possessed that Child quietly without you knowing, he does not want you to see or know, but its God who revealed that to you so you many do something about it. You see, it extended its evil hands towards your tummy, to deposit its powers that are going to control the child. These are the cases where you see people are so disturbed.

I don't want to scare you but you have all the power to stop this. God revealed this to you because He knew you will find the solution, and He wants to help you. I don't know what religion you are but I advice you not to go to any psychic reader, or clairvoyant, most of them are controlled by forces not originating from God and the guidance they will give you may sound so nice and out of love, its fake love, that will only help to cement the devils mission to destroy the child.

I can't tell you why this evil presence wants to take over the soul of your child but I can tell you that there is a solution. If you earnest pray to God, he will reveal everything to you and what you should do. If you want to know more about spiritual welfare go to Youtube and watch videos Spiritual Warfare by Bob Larson, Deliverance by TB Joshua or Derek Prince. If you have any question, please don't hesitate to ask me. I will help you.
I just want to let you know that circles in the spirit world may represent womb and fertility. The keys in the middle of the circle I think its the child, as the child is represente d as key, I think its a solution to something. The child does not have to have a key to the whole world, but the child is destined to change your life in a way that will bring you so much happiness. About the demon looking like a child where you teach, that is the devil's ploy to destroy your relationship because if you never had any interpretation of your dream and you started going through dealing problems with your child, you will always remember the dream and it will not make you like the child at school. The devil just used that child's face and voice, it has nothing to do with the dream.
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