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The Secret To Life? (Exam Dream)
Now this is a sort of story based way of how the dream went. I had to elaborate on my own a few details but this gist of the dream is still there.

"No, you have to trust me on this. There is no trick. Just follow through."
The Indian Business Man looked at me and then at the computerized page he was holding. He looked nervous. He looked nervous and anxious. Must've been how he got up in the corporate world. Always looking for a way to gain the upper hand, a sense of control. When your pedestal is on a tilting platform, you will do what you have to, to stay on top.
"But it says you must say the words onscreen and I don't know if the machine has been calibrated to my voice yet."
The terminal on the wall was connected to his Dictionary-sized and look-a-like virtual flip book. The pages were made out of a plastic material that felt like paper, but every page was actually a mini screen of information, dependent on the program installed. This machine was used for certain tests. Tests that Mr. Tajmajera was not prepared to take.
"Look, Mr. Tajmajera, this test is time-based. Yes, there is an option to vocalize the alphabet for calibration, however it does not stop the timer or really help you in this situation. You just have to trust in the system and yourself to pronounce it right."
This test was supposed to be a training ground for something, though I couldn't quite place my finger on it. A person was supposed to say the words that flash up on the screen into a speaker built into the virtual book. Then, they wait, hoping they pronounced the word correctly. When they have said it correctly, they receive a "vibe" from within, probably due to the hardware installed, that lets them know that a letter has been delivered to another page of random symbols and numbers. The person is then supposed to pick out the letters that show up, and formulate a word from that within the time limit. Then they pass the test.
Simple enough. Not for Mr. Tajmajera.
"I understand the concept but I'd like to make sure that everything is in place", he said in a nervous jitter.
I was getting upset. This was taking way too long and the timer would reach zero any second now. Though I was just helping, somehow it became very important to me that whatever word that needed to be formed, be found and quickly.
Before any other questions can be asked or answered, he started to flip through the book. Without bookmarking the page he was on. Like I said, it was Modern Day Dictionary sized.
"I was trying to find if the words being formed were on a list around here..."
"You don't even have the letters yet! GAH!"
I took the book from him, found the page, and begun to say the words on the speaker. Then when all of the words were said and I felt the vibe, I found the letters amongst the symbols. I pieced them together and...

Then I woke up.

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Dream Posted on: 10/12/11
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