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in my dream my friend and i were driving in her car, i was a passenger. we were driving on a dirt track in a bushy area enjoying the scenery when all of a sudden the road ended and the next thing we know, we're falling off a cliff into a river way below. it felt surreal and happened so slow. as we were falling i came to a realisation that Im going to die. i said out loud that i love my kids, my friend then said she loves them too, then we hit the water. for a few seconds i could hear muffled watery sounds and felt a little dizzy. i eventually came to, then said to myself, i cant die, my kids need me. i looked over to my friend, who was panicking badly, helped her out of her seat belt and somehow managed to open my side door under water and took us both back up to the surface and then back to land to safety. i then told my friend we had to climb back up the cliff of which we fell off so we can go back to where we came from to get help as we were hurt from the fall. we climbed up the cliff, which seemed like it only took a few minutes, and walked a little bit until we came across a small house. i knocked on the door and a lady whom i've never seen before in my life, opens the door and takes one look at me and my friend and tells us to sit down while she calls an ambulance. we didnt say anything at all, we just knocked, and then sat down. a few seconds later the lady comes back to the front door and gives us blankets to cover ourselves due to being drenched from the river, she reassured us that she had called for help. the ambulance came and fixed our cuts and grazes and then i woke up. ????
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:ambulance | bushy area | cliff | cuts and grazes | dirt track | falling | few minutes | little bit | scenery | seat belt

Dream Dictionary Type: falling dream
Dream Posted on: 11/12/10
Dream Interpretations: 2 dream interpretations
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Posted on November 12th, 2010:
To dream that you are a passenger means that you are not in control of your life. Or you are letting other people decide for you.

Bush in dreams means feminine emotions and desires in your waking life.

Roads in dreams means your sense of direction and and how you are pursuing your goals.

Falling off a cliff in dreams means that you are current experiencing difficult times and are afraid of what is ahead in the future.

Rivers in dreams means that you are going with the flow. Or you are allowing your life to float away. Or it is time to take a decisive role in the direction of your life.

Dizzy in dreams means confusion in your waking life.

Seat belts in dreams means that you need to work on controlling your emotions. So stay composed and not fall apart in any situation.

Lady in dreams means the feminine aspect of yourself.

Ambulance in dreams means that your careless activities and indiscretions might lead to major problems and complications in your waking life. Or your own fears of contracting disease or your deteriorating health. Or stop what you are doing and pay attention to some waking life situation.

Cuts in dreams means that you are being let down or undermined.

I don't know if I should ask if you have any health problems. That might be what the dream is telling you. Other than that, the dream is telling you that you are currently experiencing difficult times in which you have no control over and you are afraid of what is going to happen in the future.
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Posted on October 22nd, 2014:
I'm talking to my current partner over the phone in the car and he's just not being reasonable. We have so many problems but he refuses to fix them. He hangs up on me and I ball up in tears because ive lost all hope. When suddenly this hand grabs me from the bck seat I turn around and see my ex husband with a smile. I say nothing to him and start driving carelessly. He grabs the steering and tries to control the vehicle and talk positive to me but its too late, we loose control and drive off the cliff into the ocean. I yell to him to release himself to exit the vehicle as easy as possible so we're not trapped in it when we hit the water. Somehow we manage to come out on top and safe with a dolphin next to me and we climb the cliff and walk away without being hurt...........
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