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Falling Out Of My Body (Falling Dream)
Hi my dreams are very vivid, and scarily they sometimes come true. My mother is the same in the sense that her dreams comes true.. Last night I had a very strange dream that I was on a Field and there were people playing soccer, the ball flew my way and fell Down in to a deep, dark hole in the ground. But the hole had large ledges and the ball fell on top of one. I then hoped down to one of the ledges, but realized that it was going to collapse because of my weight. I then held on to the side of the cave/hole. What I was holding on to was a grey elephant carved out of the walls. Then a voice came to me (coming from the elephant, but not directly) saying it was okay to fall into this dark abyss. I then slowly let go, very calmly, and started falling. As I was falling I was passing very strange objects. I can't remember what they where I think one of them was a person, but I am not 100%. There was however still somewhat a dim light as I was falling deeper that I could still make out my surroundings. The deeper I was falling into this hole the less I could feel my body. I cannot describe the feeling but I thought that if I kept on falling that I would never wake up. The feeling of the fall was very serene. As I was scaring myself I basically told myself to wake up. The feeling of how I woke up is what makes this dream so intense. I felt like my body was coming back to "me". That I somehow left my body as I was falling into this hole. It was a very relaxing feeling. I have done very deep research into astral projections, and the reason why I was becoming so scared as I was falling deeper was because I was thinking about entities, which are demons or bad spirits that you can come across in astral projections. Anyways I told my mom about this dream and she said that it means death... And is basically telling me to stay home for 3 days. I would love some feedback on what anyone thinks about this dream!! please and thank you!!

-The Curious Dreamer
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:astral projections | dark abyss | demons | dim light | dreamer | dreams | elephant | entities | falling

Dream Dictionary Type: falling dream
Dream Posted on: 11/03/12
Dream Interpretations: 2 dream interpretations
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Posted on November 3rd, 2012:
It sounds to me that you were tapping into your unconscious mind which is a prerequisite for living with conscious awareness.

Our egos register this as a threat because we are going beyond its limited thinking.

Our conscious mind is only 10% - our unconscious mind the remaining 90%.

96% of our behavior comes from the unconscious part of our mind.

Expect some interesting dreams in the future. Don't be frightened by them.

To get full benefit of them, record them and learn to work with the symbols. Our conscious mind expresses itself with words. Our unconscious mind expresses itself with images. These images are symbolic; therefore should not be taken literally.

Dream work is more effective when you record your dreams in the present tense rather than past tense. (I am walking; rather than I walked). This puts you in touch with the emotions.

Pay close attention to any feelings you are aware of during the dream; and upon wakening. Feelings are the truest part of any dream.

Good luck with your dream journeying. Relax and enjoy the trip. The rewards are many.

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Posted on November 3rd, 2012:
Thank you rose for your wisdom. What you say makes so much sense. I am aware of some of the facts you say. It's just hard to think in that way sometimes. I will try my hardest!!! Thank you :)

Ps I accidentally gave your comment a "thumbs down", when I meant to give it a thumb up!! ( touch phones..)
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