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My Wedding. (Father Dream)
I was driving along a dirt road through tall yellowish wheat- colored grass driving to where I was going to be married. On the other side of the road there was a man walking the opposite way facing me. The road was dusty and I looked at him as I passed him. I stopped after passing him realizing that he looked familar. Backing up through the dust that my car kicked up I saw it was my father. (He passed away 25 years ago) I said what are you doing here? He said he was here for my wedding. I told him you cant be...."your dead and that I had told him that before". He told me that he was not really dead. It was a story that my mother made up because she wanted a divorce from him and so I would not be mad at her for divorcing him they both agree'd to say he died. I asked how could you do something like that to me? Then I wake up.
This dream is re-occurent with slight variations...I am always getting married, my father is here for the wedding because he felt the "dead" story had gone on long enough. I am married for the second time, but it has been for 20 years. My father was present for first wedding but not for the second. I always tell my husband that he and my dad would have been so close because they are so similar, not in looks but in personality. They would have had a wonderful relationship.
I never remember my dreams except for this one.
My son passed away accidentally 2 years ago at the age of 21. I truly believe I had a "dream" that was really a visit from my beautiful son which was so comforting. I rarely dream of him. I dont think there is any connection, but the dream of my father puzzles me. It has only been since my sons passing that I have had the dream about my dad. My father passed away when he was only 56. I knew he was going to die the night he did, and I made sure I told him before leaving the hospital that I loved him. We were very close I loved him very much, he was gentle, loving, patient and kind.
Thank you,
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Dream Dictionary Type: Father dream
Dream Posted on: 03/28/09
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Posted on March 28th, 2009:
I believe this dream of seeing your Dad is part of your "wish" dream in that, in waking life, you wish your father were present to attend your second wedding. Your subconscious then creates this story in which your father is now present and able to attend your ceremony, even explaining to you why he hasn't been around. Your present regret that he was not able to attend and your desire to have your dad attend is why this dream re-occurs.

The first few weeks after my Mom died, I would also have these strange dreams.....once, she walked in the door w/groceries and I cried out in happiness! Mom where have you been, I thought you died! "Oh, no, I was just at the grocery store..." Another dream, she came in explaining that she just took a vacation. It is our love for them that re-creates their presence in our dreams.

Your dream about your son, you yourself, notice a difference in the dream itself...most likely you are correct and it was a visitation. Usually the dreamer "just knows" within the clarity and difference.

I believe that your Dad was very present at your wedding and is well aware of who you married and your loyal love for him. Did your Dad have a special cologne? Many times someone who we have loved will appear in spirit although unseen, they have a way of letting us know they are with us by infusing the air with scent that is unique /connected to him.
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