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This is a "new" recurring dream , and I am obsesssed with it. It seems so boring in one basic sentence: I am "shown" there is a battle back and forth. Between whom/what exactly, that changes, over what is the fighting, that changes. Imagine The Matrix. Okay now imagine the scary bad machines, and the bad killer prorgams...the humans are ON the SAME side. Now run. Fast.

That's the best shortest version.

I have seen this damn "idea" in so many different dream versions. This is the easiest one for words.

Now imagine seeing a very basically drawn kids cartoon, it's Asian, like Hello Kitty, being part of this. Silly cute animated imagined creatures are "fighting" over silly, cartoon fruits on a tree. It's like Asian Seseme Street, you learn several words, the show is over. Now you're on the show's set. The people are laughing and removong costumes, etc. (Ok, see? It goes from obiously harmless and fake, to harmless, but seemingly real.) Someone is shocked to say, what do you mean, so-and-so fake character eats the other one? That's not part of the show. That's like saying Mickey Mouse Club was a murder mystery. (Yes these are all really parts in my dream.)

We/they/you all review the taped footage and realize, the silly cartton character did eat the other one. And the people who drew them aren't to be found.

This part is sped up, searching for them. Slows back down when one is found. He/she says the other one is actually missing. To a small rival (of some sort, this isn't important), or so it seems, who kidnapped him. It's still slightly humorous. But (this is where you are beginning to be "pulled back" from the scene, to see it on a larger scale, step-by-step) you are pulled back and see over the next week or so, the cops got involved, then more, there ends up a couple gunshots fired, but then the second person is rescued.

He breathlessly says,"There is someone else being held captive, we have to get him!"

Pulled back further, you see the cops pretend to be military and there is a stand off. Someone is rescued. And says the same thing about another captive in there.

Pull back further. It seems still very small-scale, but a few military do get involved. Allies' militaries get involved. We are not looking at something bigger than the Waco standoff though.

There is a blast of light not more than looking like a bolt of lightnong. And the captive is rescued. Yup, he/she says the same the former one did.

This continues as you see more and more, at times you laugh because it seems the fighters are overreacting. It's nothing that needs war-scale militia.

They save the captive, and you see everyone returning to their "normal" places.

A muffled boom is heard. By a few. Enough to send them back out looking for the cause of the sound. Explosion? But from whom? What? Where???

Turns out it was a non-related sonic boom or something. Hah hah ok go home.

You see a vast flat area of the region and helicoptors begin leaving etc.

It's quiet. A faint crying is heard. Someone else is captive somewhwere. The leaving fighters get back to where they were.
People begin thinking, if only that faint cry hadn't been there. But it was. The picture gets bigger.

Here I was kind of asked: does it look familiar now?

It does. How could I have FORGOTTEN?! Duh.

You are now seeing a sort of concentric semi circles of fighters around what the epicenter of where this began, as this center doesn't seem to move for some reason.

Right now most military are USA, so you understand they language and all. And you see it's modern times. But they aren't using high tech equipment, they don't need to, the basics are all they need for this. Now.

They find another captive - but from where they don't know, no one understands her, she's frantic, telling them to stop shooting, stop now, put your machines down! (I am her in some dreams.)
Why? Because it's...bigger. Don't keep going, stop now.

"Now" is echoed faintly far away by a new voice. There's another unknown "captive" or something. Pull back further, speed forward a little. Several more people are rescued. But they aren't captives, they seem to have been trapped somewhere and were searching for something/someone else not related to the whole standoff. Ok. Now this continues a lot and the military decides to go in the epicenter, just a couple of them, and they will shout back certain words if all is safe. A simple improvised made-up code like, "beam me up."

"Beam Me Up!" Good, it's all over.

They come out and then - a faint "up" is heard. Not from anyone where you are.

Pull back further, move in sometimes, back.

Ok imagine this getting more serious as far as the people being found and their stories, and the fainter the sounds of more who need to be rescued.

You begin to see days fly by, weeks, months, seasons.
Years. Decades maybe. This is all fast-forwarded to me (in thiws version.) But I "remember." What I'm not "told" is my role in it,
The dream skips over a lot, till suddenly I'm near what seems to be desert type area, and the epicenter is now what seems like an old, huge, deserted mine. Like you can see from a plane, very far away.

What is somehow made known to me is now they don't understand what's happening but it seems... Very deep down, there is a VERY important, unexplainable "something" they have to get. It's not gold or oil. It's possibly something only fringe science could explain... A time-travel type warp. Some space-time-continnuum abnormality. Event Horizon even is heard.

Two different simultaneous dreams (dream portions) are here, but I never am shown simultaneous things, always in human-earth-now-realistic ways. As if I'm watching a movie, but I see the director's cut separately from the released version.

I was immediately pulled FAR back - the shot is framed by a dark, space sky. I see one - two big flashes.

"How far does it goe?"

I think it... Goes forever? I answer. Not the answer anyone wants to hear.

"How many flashes?"



"Pause" is pushed.
What does the 3rd look like?

Well, it looks, cartoonish... But it's about 1000x larger, brighter, more RED than the others. Still, looks like a cartoon.

I can feel a sigh of relief here. (Whose sighs, I don't know.)

Ok, directors cut.
I am given some dream sights which I cannot remember, but I end up what seems to be inside the mine a lot, and it's VERY ... Titchy... Down here.

Director's cut turns into spinoff-dreams.

Is it hot? One dream, yes, wow, boiling. Ok, cuz WE didn't send a flaming PLANET to us! Back up, back back.

This is where I really can't explain much... Except "they who control the present, control the future, those who control the future, cont, control the past" and that can be switched around. I get pulled into it all here. I'm like, the person either that no one thought could possibly be in there, like the worst case scenerio on a very HUGE and very very miniscule scale; or I'm one step away from that person, or being that person. First the goal is to physically NOT be that one ... Place... Where there is no explaination except you'll die there. But somehow it gets even tighter than that at least in some of the dreams. To preserve to safety of... Everyone. Maybe everyTHING too, things get nitty gritty, codes start being used, if the correct code is sent back to the people who sent it down, that means all is safe and they can pull us all out.

The codes get so detailed that letters are switched all around to make different sounds, face different ways. Symbols/punctuation is switched all around. Mathematical signs are switched around.
What is called funny, sad, angry, horrified, etc. Switched. Why? Because the codes start to come back not what is expected - but intelligently switched.

Yeah, boring, long, not all that exciting.

There are other "versions" of it. Not than anyone's reading but I guess I'll post some of those, more interesting, much shorter ones.
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