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Hunger Games? (Fighting Dream)
It was a horrible and terrifying one. It involved my best friend in it.. I only remember some parts, where we were like a colonized country/city. I just know for certain that we were controlled by some unknown superior groups of people. The situation was a bit similar to “hunger games”, where those superior people choose a group of tributes, but what happened in my dream was, all the young adults and teenagers were gathered together and were forced to participate in a survival of the fittest game which required us to fight and kill each other. Similar to what happened in hunger games; they provided us a huge forest place where we can hunt each other. They separated all of us one by one in different places. They gave us nothing, no guns no knives or any weapon. They told us to find our own weapon since they put some random ones somewhere hidden in the forest. It was terrifying. I was with my best friend the whole time the briefing happened. After they gave us instructions, they blindfolded and separated each of us as to not discover which part of the forest we were placed. When the so called game started, I woke up in an empty warehouse. It was dark and I figured it was already night time. I searched the place and found the exit. I was scared to wander outside since there might be now ‘enemies’ searching for each other. I was planning on just hiding in that warehouse when I heard a bomb timer sound inside.. I never heard of that sound earlier when I woke up. Instincts told me it was about to explode any seconds from now. Body took over and I automatically ran from the building as much as I can. It exploded like 10 seconds after I started running. The explosion was quite big I was blown away a little and rolled to the ground like 3 meters away. I glanced back and saw the after explosion; I realized the warehouse was quite big. There was a huge fire that looked like it reached 50 meters up. Terrified by the sight I continued to run farther from it, and continued much faster when I started hearing gun explosions. I didn’t have any weapon in hand so I was so scared I was going out of my mind and continued to run by instinct. While running I saw a figure ahead and went to an abrupt stop. The guy was tall.. I couldn’t see him clearly but I was sure he was holding a shot gun. He was just staring at me, not pointing me with his gun, but still I was scared, I didn’t know what to do and I couldn’t move. Then he ran away. I was so thankful he didn’t shoot me. Too bad I wasn’t able to see his face clearly.
After that moment I couldn’t really remember the other incidents that happened to me. But I could remember flashes of scenes where there was a lot of running and more people shooting each other, that time I already had a gun, I didn’t know when and where I got one but I never used it to shoot on people, ever. I couldn’t stand the idea of killing someone.
And then the next thing I knew was we were given a break. They told us rest since they saw how exhausted we were from the war; they even commented that the game was no fun if all of us were tired. So what they did was they put us inside a huge building and gave us food. The place looked like a canteen, where there is a wide open space and there were many white tables. In the sides were double deck beds, so I figured they would let us sleep and this will be a long rest. Their where many people, most of them were young adults, looking buff and fit. I guessed the teenagers and the younger ones didn’t survive.. ofcourse, it was survival of the fittest. The stronger ones survive.. it was terrible.
I saw a petite looking one, and wondered how she survived through all of it. She was so quiet, and I realized that “most of us” were so quiet. We ate silently communicating each other only by glances and stares. There were some groups in a table who were shockingly talkative, as if nothing horrible happened just hours ago… I’m guessing they’re the type who didn’t care about life. I can even see them smiling while talking to each other. I wondered what type of world I am dreaming right now.
Yes I saw hunger games movie a long time ago so why am I dreaming this kind of dream now all of a sudden? Dreams are such mysterious wonders of the mind. Some are sad, horrifying, happy and free. But one thing I could always say whenever I dream is that, it’s always so weird! I guess weird dreams are natural. Weather I have a happy or bad dream, it still have its weirdness.
Back to dream story 1, I looked at the petite girl. She was in a corner, very silent and watchful. She didn’t eat anything, just standing in that corner and watching people. Despite her being petite looking and fragile, I could see in her face that she had a strong disposition. Her facial expression shows a hint of cautiousness, watching people with suspicious eyes. She looked like she didn’t trust anybody. I could understand. How could we trust anyone when we will be asked to kill each other hours later?
It made me think that maybe she didn’t eat because she thinks there might be something in the food, poison or whatever. I was about to try and offer her a bowl of soup in my table when a guy suddenly towered over in front of her…and offered her food. Shocking as it is, I observed them carefully, they were opposites. Small and big, Petite and strong. The girl was also in shock. But despite her being discreet and guarded a moment ago, she now became relaxed and accepted the guy’s offer. The guy smiled and patted her head. The sight was overwhelming to see. I’m glad there are still people like that in a weird world that I am currently dreaming, I thought.
The guy now walked away and went into one of the beds in the side. I realized he looked familiar. I was reminded of the guy back in the forest who I came across with, who had a shot gun, he was also tall. Their figure and build looked similar and I wondered if he was that guy.
Then I suddenly saw my best friend in one of the tables away from where I sat. I was so glad she was still here. She survived! I went up to her and called out her name. She became tense the moment she heard my voice. She didn’t look at me, so I was worried. I asked her questions like was she okay or if she’s hurt anywhere. Still no reply, she didn’t even look at me. I’m now wondering if something traumatic had happened to her. I waited and waited and she still didn’t respond me or look at me. I can see fear in her face, in her eyes, and can tell that she is definitely traumatized over a gruesome sight or something. Now I’m more worried and didn’t know what to do. She went away now, not even glancing back. It hurt. She was the only friend I knew in those crowd of people. And she was my best friend. I went to choose a bed in one of the corners where there is less people and started crying. I knew that there will be more melancholy in the hours to come. They will be starting that dreadful game soon and we will be killing each other again.
I woke up crying.

Note: it’s amazing how I remembered many parts of this dream, it just looks long because i’m emphasizing things and terms to make it long. I knew there were more scenes but I couldn’t remember.
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Dream Dictionary Type: fighting dream
Dream Posted on: 04/11/14
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Dream Rating: 5.00
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