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Seriously, Wtf Is This!? (Fighting Dream)
I was in a government housing neighborhood with a few friends, mostly male, only a couple women. One of those women was a lesbian and I was attracted to her. Everyone was engaged in normal conversation. Some contracted landscapers were there doing work. I started talking to one of the workers (I knew most of the workers as well) and was given a job. I was to spray weed killer. We were all having a good time cutting up and horseplaying with one another. Our attention was diverted to some vehicles across the street. There were three or four guys and one girl in the vehicles. (There was an automatic feeling I had that we did not like these people) One of our coworkers was there and he began fighting with these people. We all rushed over to help. A couple of us jumped in a vehicle to get there so we cuold pin there cars in so they couldn't leave. We began fighting these people as well. I specifically went for the girl, the menfolk didn't want to because she was a woman. We fought brutally for several minutes. Slamming their heads into bricks, pavement, gravel and car windows. We used bricks and tire irons as well. It was a complete blood bath (I thought it was pretty cool) we mutilated them. I ripped the girl's head off with my bare hands and we began taunting the others and playing around with it. When the fight was over (I don't know if the guys survived) we ceebrated and I took the girl's head home with me. As a trophy I suppose. FLASH. I am home chopping fire wood. I came across a board in the yard. I lift it, weary of snakes hiding from the cold weather, and I see something that resembles a snake. I don't know what this creature was though, it was out of a scifi movie. I called to someone to come look and help me kill it. When I looked back it has transformed into this black blob and there were now two of them. They were about the size of a sewer rat, had a snout that looked like the fusion between an alligator and a turtle. It had fins instead of feet, but was moving around just fine. It had a small tail, like an alligator. We had no clue what it was, we had never seen anything like this. My friend was shoping off some hunting gear that he had gotten and he brought a crossbow. For some reason that was his weapon of choice to shoot it with. We managed to wrestle with it and get it still and he shot it, he had to shoot it a second time in the head, he missed the first time. We lost the second one. All of a sudden, lights started appearing in the sky. They were beautiful, yet they put me on guard and made me nerous. I figured out that they were flares from military craft. There were dozens of different aircraft flying over us and letting these flares loose. They would fall for a few seconds and then burst into blues, reds, and whites. It was a celebration for our military, the news was reporting that the war in Iraq was over. I remember having a huge weight ligted off of me, I was glad my battle buddies were coming home. I ran outside and saluted all the soldiers in the aircraft. A few of the craft landed and the soldiers engaged conversation with me. I knew all of them (I am in the military) so it was like old friends reuniting. They had a care pakage that had been delivered to me many months ago, but I never received it because I was never deployed. It was from a teacher, maybe, it was body soap and such. There was also a note that she had left with clues to something, I don't know what. She wrote that when I received it that I should contact her. FLASH. There is an elderly woman, lying in bed, all the lights are off. She is awakened by something. She reaches behind her, under the covers and pulls out the little creature that we had lost. She says "Oh it's so cute" and smiles (apparently she wants it as a pet) but then it eats her. She screams and it makes this screetching noise, there's blood all over the place and then it goes black. A voice then says something to the affect of this being a sequel to the first movie. The last part was as if I was watching a movie trailer, I wasn't in the dream it just happened in front of me like on a huge screen. I remember at somepoint in the dream I had gotten shot in my right shoulder, don't know by who or why. Then I woke up, I was cold and my shoulder was hurting something awful.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:aircraft | alligator | black blob | blood bath | bricks | car windows | cold weather | coworkers | death | fighting

Dream Dictionary Type: fighting dream
Dream Posted on: 10/03/12
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