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The Whale Of Creativity (Fighting Dream)
Right. I was in space, up in the cosmos...yet this cosmos was contained in a basement, in a house I don't know in real life. It was a big basement, with just an old sofa in it. Well, that and the universe. Floating in space was this enormous whale, made of yellow shininess. It was luminescent and glowing. It was the great Whale of Creativity. Don't ask me what that means, that's just what it was called in the dream, and it was a force of great benevolence. It was being attacked by these evil Sharks of Emptiness. They were orange and red and made of a sort of molten ever-changing fire. They weren't as big as the whale so they mobbed it in a group. If they killed the whale then the world would end, sucked into an eternal this basement.
So...I tried to help, of course. Harry Potter and I (yep) started whacking these sharks with our shoes. The shoes caught fire but we didn't mind, they were quite effective as we bashed away, swatting the sharks. Eventually they receded but we knew they wouldn't stay away forever so we figured we'd hide the whale...under the battered old sofa. It fit, obviously; that's how dreams roll. It looked pretty miffed to be under there in all the dust but at least it was safe.
Anyway, we couldn't hang around fighting sharks all day, we had to get to the UN, where Harry Potter was giving a talk on world peace. I got bored half way through and decided to go to the cafe outside. It had a lovely view of a lakeside and a big old house, so I went for a walk afterwards. The woods around me were surreal in their vivid quality; colours were brighter than usual, textures more defined. Then I realised with horror that I had left my pizza in the oven (what pizza?) and had to run to the car park and break into someone's car (which was the oven, apparently) and get it off the back seat because it was burning. There was a dog in the car and it attacked me because it wanted the pizza, so I ran away up to the big old house on the top of the hill. It was a museum of sorts, and I ambled around, poking my nose in here and there, but then the rooms started to get smaller, like it was some kind of crazy house from a horror movie. Everything started sliding about and going topsy turvy, as well as expanding and contracting at random intervals. I ran through the rooms, trying to escape, trying to get out, but every room just led to another room. I really wished I had Harry Potter on hand to help me at this point o.O
Anyway I ended up in this dingy room, something from the 1700s with dark wooden walls and floors and splinters everywhere. There was nowhere else to run and the walls closed in and tried to crush me. I woke up breathing pretty hard, but that was it.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:back seat | benevolence | car park | colours | creativity | emptiness | eternal void | fighting | floating in space | harry potter

Dream Dictionary Type: fighting dream
Dream Posted on: 01/11/13
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