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Warrior (Fighting Dream)
The dream start with me getting to a train station in the middle of nowhere. I and some people are waiting for this train to come by. I notice it's quite a while to the train should pass, so I decide to walk to the next train station, just to pass the time. It's stones along the railway, and as I have walked around 15 minuts I worry I might should get back and wait like the rest are doing. Though I decide if I am going to go, I should go the whole way. I start to run, hearing a train in the distant, and somehow I run at four, then jump and flies. The forest comes under me and I fly so high I gotta get down to watch where the trainway is. I wonder if I should land on a train if I see it instead of simply walking into it. Then I decide against it. A dragon would is to big to go into a tunnel. While I fly I see a train tunnel where the train comes out, it's not my train, it's the other train. I sigh, and look around for the next station. I see it but instead of landing there I think that I can fly the whole way if I wanted to now that I have wings. Then I see a mountain in the distance where a great huge round red thing is on the top. The scenery is a trainstation before going into a tunnel, a high mountain above and the sea or a lake beside it. I decide to fly to the top where the mountain has a sorta valley that this egg lies in. By the trainstation my sister was with my brother. They were annoyed I just flew away from them, my sister drags my brother with and follow me fast up the mountain. I am standing by this round huge red egg. A dragons egg maybe. I get curious on the taste, and just then my sister and brother have come up, they are hiding behind some stones. They run up to me when I take a bite, and my second bite. The egg taste funny. I wanted to taste the goodies on the inside. Though I did not mean to harm the egg. My sister point up to the great grand dragon at top, it's huge and watching the egg. It's probably the one which laid it, so I follow them to what they think is a safe distance and the dragon looks somewhat irritated up there. I notice it readies itself to fly down, maybe just leap down, so I take flight to flee over the sea. Just in time as it crush my sister and brother underneath stone.
They just hide for the grand dragon. It's though not after them at all, and do not seem to notice them. I am the dragon which harmed her egg, and in rage she breath after me a strange sorta breath. I have to keep close to avoid it. It looks really dangerous, not like electricity though it shaped itself similar. It's a sort of energy, or accid. I get decide its enough, and decide to end the angry dragon. I fly close and behind it. The neck is huge, but thinest close the head, and I am able to get my bite barely around it and break her neck. The dragon screams a while scream and I hold her until she is close to the water, hold her head until she sink, she breaths that breath when I let go above the water, the whole sea light up showing her form, but her breath do not escape the water. It looks deep as I see it blink on many times as she sink. She can't move... she will probably drown. Then I only see barely light, no shape, until it finaly becomes dark. Then a sort of ship comes from sky and I decide to get away by foot on the mountain. The ship though comes after me, but I think I lose it when hidding. Suddenly a woman appear among the trees "Your the one which slayed that dragon?" the woman ask. I do not nood or anything, just slowly hold my stance, cautionosly looking for a escape if need should be.
"I am here to inform you we are in need of someone like you in our team. We seek someone to help us battle... there is a great snake in this world and we need to find it and stop it. It has broken a contract with us." the woman say, a man appear from bushes to give her some paper. She watch me seriously, I decide against better judgement that I will go with her instead of being forced. I noticed a army hide in the forest around, so I probably had no choice in the matter. She take me to her ship and arm me with a sorta spear with ligthening in both edges. I am dressed for battle. I am in the shape of a male during this. I am to walk in front of her armie and stop the snake if it comes to attack. They are just going to talk with it first. It goes well, until we come to a slithery mudy place. Paths lead up there, and there are people attacking us there, saying they do it for the snake. I battle them easily enough and leave some for those beneath, and climb up as fast as I can. Something tells me it will be a great snake, probably huge and it might attack them while they have trouble in the mud. I get up in time and the snake stops by the top of the hill. It's all white and great "Why do you bear weapons young lady?" it said watching me. I told I was a warrior that would kill it if it did anything funny to those people. The woman noticed the snake and begun speaking.
The snakes attention went for the woman. She spoke of things, and so did the snake. They came to a conclusion, the snake had not broken the agreement. Something else was at work. So the snake was allowed to hide in the forest again, and I was taken with to their ship. It was a lake inside the ship, and there was not much to do. I decided to collect moneys. A friend of mine was angry, but I was allowed a hour to collect money. Money was empty bottles or screws. There were two wooden boats in the water, one had two owens beneath which sorta was used as propels. I took and cleaned the water for cash, but the srews on one of the owens I leaft alone (though it was the money kind). I did not want the owner angry. (then bright ligth awoke me)
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Dream Dictionary Type: fighting dream
Dream Posted on: 12/12/12
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