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This is hard to explain, but I am going to shorten it.

I was sent to do allot of task, these task were high up in the air. The task involved jumping very high or flying. Also I switched in and out of omniscient third person.

Near the end I picked up a dragons egg out of a fireplace with and old man sitting beside the fire place. He seemed to be a mage or something, I think he may have lost his powers.

I put the egg in a birdbath full of embers and waited several thousand years. Standing there. Patient.

The dragon hatched and attacked me, I awoke sweating.

This is a VERY shortened version of the dream. I tend to have dreams in real time. Also, I think I was a female again in this one. What is up with that?

Good luck.
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Dream Dictionary Type: fire dream
Dream Posted on: 07/10/09
Dream Interpretations: 4 dream interpretations
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Posted on April 6th, 2010:
The sage who lost his powers is you. You've lost your spiritual power to control your life and live it as you choose. To create the experiences in life you want.

The dragon in a dream (especially if they are black) are the probably the most negative symbols you can have. They represent very powerful fears. Lizards, crocodiles, or dinosaurs are usually always symbolic of fear.

You waiting for this egg to hatch sounds like a fear you allowed to develop in your life. Eggs represent things that are developing. This fear developed and now it attacks you.

Waking up sweating definitely points to fear. Your higher-self is starting to make you face your negativity in life. Waking up sweating is almost like a spiritual purge. Like negative energy around you being burned.

So I would suggest you begin to stand up to fear in your life whenever you feel it. Something is following you in your life, and you need to kill it by facing whatever it is that scares you the most.

Putting the dragon egg into a birdbath with embers is also a negative symbol. This is because birds in dreams are symbols for thoughts transcending and escaping negativity because they can fly away. The birdbath is where birds would clean themselves. And so, no birds and a egg of fear is not good. And the embers if orange is also bad because the color orange represents spiritual power. So you put this fear in a place were the positive parts of you are supposed to clean themselves and you put the egg onto of your spiritual power to grow it.
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Posted on July 10th, 2009:
Nice dream.

Do you play a lot of video games? ;)
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Posted on July 10th, 2009:
Nah, never have been much for the tele. I do write allot though. I keep seeing two qualities in the dreams.

1. They are almost always in real time when it comes to the stranger ones. 8 Hours = 8 Hours ect.
2. I am a female in them.

The second one really gets me.
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Posted on July 10th, 2009:
It seems this may be a type of warning dream; to let you know ahead of time. In the dream doing tasks in the"air" and jumping and flying can be refering to spiritual type activity, the spirit realm. Seeing in the 3rd person is giving you another view so you can consider what you are really doing and consequences. So basically, what you spiritually plant now will hatch in it's season and you will reap. So please consider carefully. It has been said the human spirit is "male", and the human soul is "female". This does NOT refer to sex, but the passive-aggresive, hard-soft, extrinsic-intrinsic, ect. nature and qualities of the two, which are bound together and moving as one in us, is us, and needing to be in balance. Cool dream. peace
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1-4 of 4 Interpretations   

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