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"riiiiing, riiiiiing" it was the school's smoke detector. We all though it was just a fire test, like always. Then we could see smoke. "The school is burning, guys! Get out and go to the next school" I heard someone say. We all got out and went to the school nearby (only like 100 meters away). We stayed in there because it was winter and too cold for us to be outside. Me and some of my classmates went to an empty classroom and stayed there. It was quiet. It seemed like no one was at school except my class. And we weren't even going to that school! But so, we stayed there, waiting for the firemen to come and kill the fire at our school. No firemen ever came.

The whole city was panicking. Soon you could see fire everywhere. In every classroom in the entire school. You could not see the dark sky trough the smoke, but we knew it was there. Dark skies.

Suddenly these blue kind of fire- bubbles appeared. You know when fire is so hot it turns blue? That's what the bubbles was, and they were as big as a melon. They were just flying in the air outside. In the classroom we were in we had an open window and a bubble came in and "attacked" a huge stick that was just randomly standing in the room. It took a long time before the stick started to burn, the blue fire- bubble was for a long time kind of just surrounding it and "taking over it". We freaked out, no one understood what it was but thought it wasn't a big deal. But I remember knowing it could be dangerous if we didn't kill it, so I took a bucket of water and trew it on the stick. The blue fire- bubble disappeared.

Everyone, for some reason, thought I was a hero. We closed the window and looked outside at the other blue fire- bubbles flying around just waiting for something to attack, surround, take over and burn down. They were kinda evil. Suddenly we heard the fire alarm again, but it wasn't at our school, it was at that school we were currently staying at. My classmates started crying and screaming that we were all gonna die. We heard people outside running away and freaking out.

None of my classmates cared to do something. They were all just standing there thinking we were all gonna die. I didn't want to die! I remember studying the blue fire- bubbles and how slow they were flying in the air. If we went outside it would be possible to go without being burned by one if you concentrated on your walking and getting away from them. I went to the window, took my schoolbag on my back and climbed out. I was now standing on the roof of a different part of the school building. It was a flat roof. I could see smoke and hear the sound of fire burning trough the walls, slowly. I looked down from the roof. It was about 20 meters down so I could not jump. I panicked for a while. Thinking there is nothing I can do now. I went in to my classmates again and told them about the roof and that we could not jump. They cried even more. Suddenly, they gave up. They just got used to the fact that they were gonna die. It got silent. (by the way, we could not get out of the room without going out the windows because it was burning in the floor below us) They all sat down on the floor, without saying a thing. But I was still standing, I just did not want to give up and die burning!

I still had my schoolbag on my back, I figured I could try to go out the window and on the roof a second time, to see if there were any possible ways of getting down. So I went outside. And then, I saw it. About 60 meters to the left there were these huge stones that looked like some stairs down from the roof. I was so happy and ran to the window telling everyone in there about it and that they had to take their bags and climb out with me. I remember that some of them went out with me and to the "stairs of stones" but they didn't want to go down them. I was like "hey guys, why are you just standing there? Can't you see? We can walk on these stones down and run home! They were just silent and didn't move. I could here to fire coming closer and I could see smoke coming towards us. I quickly climbed down on the stones and then I remember there was kind of like a train there that I went on. It went only about 10 seconds before it stopped and was in the center of the city. There were a big bus stop with a lot of buses waiting, but no people. I was about to enter the bus to my home when I woke up...
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:blue fire | bucket of water | burning | classmates | dark skies | dark sky | empty classroom | entire school | fire | fire alarm

Dream Dictionary Type: fire dream
Dream Posted on: 12/07/12
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