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I dreamed that I was in 1st person (only seeing from my eyes) and was on the ground outside digging in gravel and dirt and sand with hot coals looking for someone close to me. In the dream I "sensed" that I had lost someone very close to me.

I didn't know who I was searching for but I was frantic and in panic while digging with my bare hands.

I woke up... from my dream in fear that someone close to me was on fire or had died in a fire. I called my mom and a couple friends and asked if they knew anyone that died recently in a fire. Nobody.

A day or two later my mother asked me to come over to her house and that she had to tell me something. I was busy and asked her to tell me over the phone. She didn't want to, but I persisted because I was swamped with work. "[brother] is... is d... is dead".

I don't want to go into details about my inner feelings because that isn't what this sharing is about tonight. Only people that have lost a loved one can relate; this is true because I tried to relate in my past and you REALLY cannot relate until it happens to you.

My brother had died in an electrical death and was electrified to death at thousands of volts that blacked out the city he lived in. He was working on a generator in the middle of nowhere. Nobody called our family because his body was charred and unrecognizable. That is the reason we got called a day later. His body lay out there un-found for a day and a half.

I connected with my brother at the moment of his death. A dream?

I had a revelation the other day about sleep. There are different states of sleep. I am not an expert, but from what I remember there is a state just as you are falling asleep and waking up, and there is REM. The revelation is, "am I dreaming or is it something else?".

I have narrowed it down. I only dream while I am waking up or just fallen asleep. My "dreams" or "lucid dreams" are the "realest" I have ever had and the people I see are actual people I know.

After my brother's death the coroner told our family that they would not release his body to us because there was not a positive ID, only the fact that his truck was in the vicinity. I searched 3 different cities of his last residences to find dental records and nothing surfaced.

I had to call many dentists asking for help. One night after being mentally exhausted I "dreamed". I was on a familiar freeway that I hadn't seen in years, and my father was in my car with me while on this freeway in my "dream". My cell phone rang and I answered and heard the words, "it's me. Don't worry. I'm okay". "What! [brother's name]! How are you calling me?! Where are you! Dad it's [brother]! Where are you?!". "don't worry. I am okay. I am fine. Don't worry about me I am okay".

I woke up.

Since my brother has passed I am in touch with God in my own way. It is a one way conversation of course, but I thank God for bringing my brother to me in the form that is allowable? in the form that is possible?

Do we live in planes? Does the soul exist? If God exists then yes. Ever read Socrates or Plato? It touches on some of this philosophy.

I am not a "bible thumper" nor am I a religious fanatic. But I am in touch with my inner spirit as I believe it to exist now and thus I tend to believe in God as a byproduct of that belief.

I have studied extensively in physics and mathematics in my career path too and want to know something that I discovered about that? The more I studied math the more I realized that we are really only doing what we can and by the limitations of being a human being; somehow it works but we are only putting a scratch on a square billion mile surface. That was another revelation I had in my lifetime.

It has almost been a year since my brother's passing. A few months ago I "asked" for my brother and my grandmother to come and visit me. I was in my grandmother's house, in the dream, and I was passing the kitchen and opening the door to the garage there stood my brother and my grandmother side by side smiling ear to ear at me. No words, only smiling at me.

I woke up.

I "asked" for my grandmother to visit me so that we could have a real conversation. I had questions!

That morning we connected in my dream and I was somewhere else. I think I was maybe in a house she owned in France. She was young too. I never knew her at such a young age, but I knew it was her.

"Grandma! I made it! I don't have much time I have grandma, only a few minutes. I don't know when I will wake up! How old are you? I mean, you are so young... how old are you here? How old are you right now?" She smiled, "I am 25.". "Grandma, you are so beautiful. Where are we?" In her French accent, "Look at this here." She passes me a frame that she was working on and she seemed not to be interested in my impatience.

My grandmother was a painter in her lifetime. And she loved to find or make her own frames I found out from my father when talking to him about this dream.

A dream? A connection?
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Dream Dictionary Type: fire dream
Dream Posted on: 11/05/12
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