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I had this dream after being in a relasionship for about 2 weeks.

But he treated me wrong and showed no respect for me, time we spent together was little, but good we reccently broke up and i had been considering this forawhile.

I dreamt about fish flying in the air, They were shaped like goldfish however they were brightly coloured like tropical fish. I have a phobia of goldfish but i remember catching one and feeling proud. I distinctly remember holding it in my hand showing the people who were around me, only to look down and see it had died in my hands. Instintly i threw it and woke up. I dont often dream but lately i have been having the most bizarre dreams, can anyone help interpret it for me?
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Dream Dictionary Type: flying dream
Dream Posted on: 03/23/08
Dream Interpretations: 3 dream interpretations
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Posted on December 17th, 2009:
I dreamt that i was in a house in a bed with a man cuddeling me, there was 2 more men in the room and a mother with hher son. We actually couldnt go out of the room because there was big fishes that were flight arounf the island to kill and eat people. In one moment the 2 other men wanted to go out of the house and i was crying and screaming them please dont go out you will be killed..
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Posted on March 23rd, 2008:
Well, considering you felt it important to post your experience in a bad relationship before the details of your dream, I’d say you’re already aware of the connection between them. That’s wonderful! It means you’re more in touch with yourself than perhaps you are ready to acknowledge.

Your dream, to sum up, is about hopes, fears and the need for self-honesty.

In your dream the goldfish were flying in the air.
These fish represent a couple things: what you want to find and what you have to offer.
This is a beautiful image associated with sexual and emotional freedom. They're free to be alive, to experience, to thrive –to fly. They’re not encumbered or restrained, or trapped under water. They're liberated and flying all around in the great expanse. Possibility is all around them.
You want this state of sexual and emotional freedom in life and in love relationships. You want to feel unencumbered and totally free to express your self, your feelings –to be accepted, appreciated and allowed –even encouraged, to give your self and your love freely to the one you are with.
This desire to be found and appreciated for all you have to offer is represented by these fish.

The goldfish were brightly colored like tropical fish.
- This is saying that you want an experience, a relationship that is something new –something unique, not easily found. Not anything like what you’ve had before. -Something good, something special just for you.

Despite your fears, you reached up and caught one of these fish.
- You might have developed a fear of intimacy, due to negative experience. But you won’t let that stop you from trying again. You still have hope and you are still willing to take a leap of faith to find the love you want.

Feeling a sense of pride, you showed it to everyone around you.
- Now, this bit carries a double meaning...
While you did this because you were happy that you succeeded! You’d found exactly what you wanted! You got it! You reached out and despite your fears, you tried again and now you have this special thing, to hold as your own. …It's also important to see here that you felt that sense of pride and desire to hold it up and show it to the world. This could be telling you that you are using relationships with others to measure your own self-worth. Perhaps this dream is trying to alert you to this fact.

The fish died in your hands.
- This is your fear coming into play. You’ve probably done this before, reached out, found something (someone) you thought was amazing and good –just what you’d been longing for… only to find it wasn’t so. He didn’t treat you well. The relationship made you feel bad. For whatever reason, it just wasn’t right and you ended up feeling rejected on some level.

This dream is bringing to light your confusion and conflicted feelings about the desire for love and the need for self-worth, but it’s also telling you that you have self-esteem enough to not accept bad treatment. (you tossed the fish away once you saw it was dead) Take some time to think about your past relationships and see if any of this interpretation holds true for them. Have you used love as an ego boost? Does being wanted by someone equal being desirable in your book? It does for a lot of us!! So don’t feel too bad if this turns out to be the case. Just be aware that you are using an untrustworthy system to measure your worth and actively, consciously find a new one. It’s cliché sure, but it’s still true: you won’t find true love until you truly love yourself. You won’t find anyone else to truly appreciate all you have to offer until you yourself, can appreciate it.
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Posted on March 23rd, 2008:
This dream shows that you have the ability to grab ahold of those that have a prophetic gifting (hearing from God) but when pride enters, you see that they become dead to you. Given to help you be aware of prideful thinking so that it does not hinder your own ability to soar in the spirit of God.
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