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Learning To Fly (Flying Dream)
I realized not to long ago that I have learned to fly in my dreams. It is a willed thing. The prerequisite I believe is to not be afraid of hitting the ground. In the past I have had dreams of falling, eventually I hit the ground in one, i bounced twice, it didn't hurt you know? After that, I could fly. Funny, in the movie The Matrix the same thing happened to Neo. You always fall the first time, Morpheus said. There is only one dream that dreams us, the human dream. Many have dreams of flying but if you become aware of it in your dream you may panic and fall down, once the fear of falling is gone, however, there is control and freedom of movement. Now when I become aware that I am dreaming I can will myself to take flight by shifting the flow and feeling of gravity within me, by changing the direction of my chi. Sound complicated? Not really. You know when you drive over a speed bump to fast or that second of weightlessness right before you take a plunge on a roller coaster where your not quite falling yet but your body feels a shift "coming" as though it senses it in the force and is preparing? Then your stomach sinks and you fall. Well, shifting your chi in your dreams to take flight is similar. You just imagine "falling upward" into the direction you want to fly, when you do so your chi will shift downward pushing you up. Gravity in dreams is subjective. Practice constructing dreams of your own out of the same material you make day-dreams out of but do so as you lay on your back before bedtime or early in the morning before your fully awake. Construct the same dream every time, where you take flight, where you go, and when you land. Eventually your subconscious will understand your trying to speak with it. It will extract the elementary from the exercise entirely on its own. Trust in the force.

For me I would imagine the moon full and bright in the night sky, separated from the city lights by a velvet curtain of stars. A thin layer of clouds were sparsely drifting over the sleepy country side. I imagined a goddess that slept in the moon and while the world closed there eyes mine were drawn upward in longing. My eyelids would dip slightly as I felt the shift and then gently as though my mother gave me a loving push on a swing I stepped off the ground. Then with a whoosh I would begin my ascent through the cold night air. In my dreams I would sit high above the clouds and watch the goddess sleep. It would be cold but the warmth of her presence would well up from within and help me transcend any discomfort and so I would sit and reflect and whisper quietly to her "will you ever know, how I have fallen in love with thee."
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:bedtime | clouds | day dreams | fly | flying | freedom of movement | gravity | hitting the ground | human dream | matrix

Dream Dictionary Type: flying dream
Dream Posted on: 11/27/12
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