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i dreamed that first i was at a juvenile school and my friend wanted to breakout with a few of these other girls who where asian i didn't like that they made me nervous they where very evil feeling to me but when the time came for the break out i didnt leave when everyone else left and not just my friend but everyone but then i was outside looking for my friend and for some reason i had a paper airplane in my left hand i find out later why but then as i go down the driveway which is dirt and is in the middle of no where i find this girl who says something that i don't remember i think it was something about my friend so i follow off the road to these bushes when i get the feeling that im being hunted then i see this red glowing eye in the bushes ahead of me then suddenly i realize am being hunted by witches then i begin to run and this paper airplane i have helps me liftoff into the air so im flying when suppenly large thorns and magic blasts are being shot at me from the ground it the witches and this goes on for a while them shooting at me and im dodging when alof a sudden i start loosing altitude when i reach the ground i start running through the woods i then realize its fall the leaves are all different colors like gold brown and orange but then i reach the dirt road i cross it into the woods again i find a path and there standing is a pitch black horse fully tacked with glowing red eyes and a black mist all around it and when i look at the paper airplane its unraveled and turned into a cape i throw it on i feel that this horse is here for me that it been looking for me and i climb on to the it as it starts running to the road up the path i am feeling more and more comfident in myself like im ment to be on this horse i then blank out and when i come to im rideing my paint horse down a path through the woods during the morning light hours feeling disoriented and tired and i see that my horse is tired too his head slumped down instead of being up alert and proud we go down the path when we enter a small clearing there is a homeless guy just packing up for the day there we pass him and then im at a camping park entrance i see my dad and my brothers and i find my horse has disappeared but it doesn't seem to bother me i go to my dad and we are at these stone buildings with an overlook of a lake with a small town on one side i then get the feeling that im at yellowstone national park the place that we are all at is just bussling with tourists but some of then i recognize as my past high school teachers and some of my uncles and aunts and cousins i over hear a tour guide by the sound of it who is talking about the lake it is a legend about the headless horseman that the lake is the place where he keeps the souls of all his victims and that the souls turn into these sun bleached ghostly leafless trees that are all twisted and at the bottom of the lake surrounding this old demonic ship of old times that brought the horseman to this world and is protecting the horsemans stash of souls man discovered it when the horseman beheaded a man walking alone on the beach of the lake which was dealing with a drought at the time so some of the twisted trees where showing but a witness said that when the man died the horseman turned toward the lake and watched as a new tree twisted its way out of the growed in a ghostly blue mist of light and afterwards the government tryed to destroy the lake with a missile but when the cloud dissipated it revealed the ship in all its evil detail a demonicly smiling devil at the face of the ship made of otherworldly red and black wood with monstrous claws along the railings of the ship and black torn and misty sails laughing at mans weak attempts before being swallowed up by water again i then remember the black horse from the night before and getting on it and i realize that im the horseman i run to my dad in worry i tell him that im the headless horseman and that if we don't leave before the sun sets then my horse will come looking for me and we would transform into the horseman and all these people would be in danger he says okay but when i go outside he stays and mingles all the while the sun is beginning to set its late afternoon almost evening everything is getting that late day glow while i sit at a bench as more and more bloody thoughts pop into my head and vision on the adults and children alike as the day wears on i then see my paint fully equipt wandering around the building and parking lot and lawn looking for me and i feel compelled to go to him as i begin to wake up.

by the way this dream sounds it makes me sound like a very evil person but i am acually an animal lover and a shy quiet person who works hard and is a determined being. as of whats going on in my life that might have a connection with this dream i am trying to find a better paying job and im training my paint horse to be a trailhorse and gaining confidence in myself along with that and im living with my family since i have little money and its mostly being spent to on paying off the small loan on my car and on my cells bill thats only 30 bucks and on gas that ive figured averages out at 160 dollars a month and a 8.50 an hour wage with only 23 hours a wk doesnt leave much for an appartment at all let alone food and stuff but i got to say my dreams are all fun to me what most people would see as a nightmare i see as an adventure since i can't have one it real life no money and all (:
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Dream Dictionary Type: ghosts dream
Dream Posted on: 11/25/12
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