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Demon Apartment (Ghosts Dream)
It seems like every time I close my eyes, I see it. This black demon figure in the arch way of my boyfriends kitchen leading into the living room. Every single time I close my eyes when I am there I see it, Taunting me. I keep having this same dream over and over again. I'm in his apartment, and I walk out of the bedroom into the living room and I turn back around to ask him something and there is the black demon figure staring at me.. more like staring threw me.. And I scream for Michael (my boyfriend) And he comes and and the demon grabs him and toys with him a little and I close my eyes and its just Michael standing there, laughing in the way I never heard him laugh.. I run down stairs to his parents apartment and I yell for help. His mom starts freaking out and calls him by his middle name. She's in her bed room, yelling "William!!! William! Whats the matter, baby! William!" And All I can see is Michael, standing right in front of me, not letting me move. And no matter how hard I try, I can't talk, can't move, But I can cry. So I start crying but no tears fell... I didn't have any tears.. He finally moved, and so I ran to his sisters room, and grabbed her and tried to run outside.. Michael started trying to talk his sister Brianna into coming back inside to play.. Michael's eyes turned a weird Yellow color.. And Was like "Come inside Bri, It's me. I'm all better now. Come in here" She started walking towards him and I ran to her and pulled her away, and Michael screamed! Like I just foiled his evil plans.. And than I woke up after his evil screeching scream. But now every time I close my eyes or fall asleep, all I see his Mike and I standing in the arch way, and the demon standing directly behind him, laughing at me.. Laughing at how vulnerable and naive I am.
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Dream Dictionary Type: ghosts dream
Dream Posted on: 01/16/13
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Posted on April 3rd, 2013:
First, I'd say that you need to think about the nature of your relationship with this person. Is there something he has done that would cause you to think or feel that he is has a dual nature? In other words, is this a warning dream about the relationship or more of a spiritual oppression / possession issue? If the former, then you need to consider your future happiness with your boyfriend. If the latter, then you need to confront the situation head on. It seems that there is a spirit occupying the apt. If that's the case, you and your boyfriend should work together to remove it. But it's your boyfriend who needs to take the lead in this as it is his space the black figure (demon) occupies. And he hasn't dealt with it to date. Perhaps he is unwilling to do so which is why the figure stands behind him and laughs at you. But this isn't a laughing matter. You should be encouraged in that you have been given the insight to see this figure and recognize it in its true form - that of oppressor and taunter. But, again, your boyfriend has allowed it's presence. It could be there on account of something that he's done or a negative habit that he continues to feed - something you do or do not even know about. So you might need to confront him, which is difficult. That said, be somewhat encouraged. I believe that evil spirits only bother to oppress folks who are a threat to them. So in this way, don't be fearful but rather be encouraged! But not stupid. These things have millennia of experience and us humans only a couple of years experience on this planet. We are babes in the woods, by comparison. (A great book is CS Lewis' Screwtape Letters. It's a quick read about a more senior demon coaching a younger demon on tactics and ways to mess with folks.)

Anyway, if the two of you can aline and reclaim the space, great! If he's unwilling, there's not much you can do and you'll want to consider the consequences. And if you have troubles reclaiming the space (in other words, you continue to have said dreams and experiences after trying), you may need to call in reinforcements to assist you in the process. (In my experience, only calling on the name of Jesus has ever helped with this.)

The Bible in James Chapter 4 verse 7 says, "Resist the Devil and he will flee from you." But what precedes and follows that popular line of scripture (in verses 7 and 8) is crucial. "Therefore, submit yourself to God," precedes "resist the devil" and verse 8 follows up with, "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you." The oft overlooked warning to successfully fight and remove a repressing or "evil" spirit is that you then need to replace it with the right one - God's Holy and divine Spirit. Just resisting the Devil and keeping up the same old same old isn't going to do much good. You and your boyfriend would risk the possibility of getting rid of one presence just to have it leave temporarily and, if you folks haven't filled your new clean house with God's presence, eventually return along with 7 of its buddies to further occupy your place. Refer to Matthew Chapter 12 verses 43-45 which explains this. The same story is repeated in Luke Chapter 11 verses 24-26 so it's worthy of some attention.

The above is stated not to scare you, but rather to caution you that this is a serious matter, and hopefully to encourage you to proceed in the best manner possible, having now been armed with some (hopefully useful) background in terms of what you might be up against. Additionally, as stated before, I hope that you are encouraged in that you have been given eyes to see that which is unseen. You are clearly a very strong individual! And so I hope you know have "ears to hear" what the universe and God might be saying to you.

Regardless, I wish you the best of luck and if you wish to correspond more, offline, I'd be happy to. I do hope the presence / dreams go away for you.
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