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In my dream , I was in school, but it hardly represented what my school looked like at all. I was in my physics classroom, which didn't look like my classroom, with classmates that weren't mine. My teacher, Mr. Collins, had on the projector a Portal test chamber. He was telling us that we'd go down to some arbitrary room, design them, and see how they work out in real life.

Now backtrack a little. For some reason, in the dream, I was spending the night at school. Once again, the school hardly resembled the school I go to. I was sitting with some kid talking about physics, and he flipped a light switch, which suddenly sent an odd, terrible feeling through me, and the lights started flickering. I told him to turn it off, and he did, and I didn't feel good. I then went up to some random classroom in the 200s building (a 200s building does exist in my real school, but the area didn't make any sense). I was drawn to one particular room, in which the classroom resembled a music room from the 18th century, all made of wood, with a few instruments and random clutter around. This room did have electricity, though. I was about to turn on the light, when a teacher (or some adult) walked in and said "Don't do that. A spirit of a dead student resides in here and will be awoken at the flip of the switch."

It was then I realized that the switch from the study session must have been on the same circuit as this one, as I'd released the spirit.

Back to the physics classroom. The door was opening on closing on its own, and everyone was freaking out (but remaining relatively calm). The spirit then rang a really high pitched noise in my ears, and I realized that no one else seemed to be bothered by it, though they did say they heard it. The class was then on lockdown, and we couldn't go down to the "test chambers." A panel at the top of the room (you know those little boards on the ceiling) opened right behind where the projector was hanging from, I didn't see it happen, I just felt his presence, and saw the panel open. Suddenly, he started attacking me, but one of the students threw her jacket around me, which somehow protected me from the spirit. For some reason, the number 30 was flashing across my vision in light blue normal font. There was something written before it, but I don't recall it.
After the attack, (which no one seemed to be perturbed by, I went up to a student who said she took a picture of it. After viewing the picture, a single, very bright yellow/gold point of light was shining behind the panels, seemingly trained directly to the camera.

Then I woke up.

I'd come home from school and had taken a 2 hour nap. I wouldn't consider it a nightmare, but it was most certainly strange.

I absolutely adore my physics class, and there is no room that even remotely resembles that room I was in in or around my school. I don't even have band. The band room is in the 100s building, not the 200s, anyways. I do have a few classes in the 200s building. Oddly, now that I think of it, the approximate placement of the door was rather close to where my French classroom is, which, occasionally, I do hear a few high pitched noises that appear to be coming from nowhere. As for the Portal reference... I'm just playing too much of the game, I think. But still, what do you think about the dream?
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Dream Dictionary Type: ghosts dream
Dream Posted on: 01/08/13
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Posted on January 15th, 2015:
Wow that's some eerie stuff you've seen. I've also seen some nightmarish dreams set in a distorted version of my school. I dont dream much these days...I used to have an older site (that's no longer...poor site, R.I.P. where I'd posted all mai dreams to. There's one I still faintly remember though that is matching in detail level and "clarity" of dream plot as this one. Quite like this it was a half nightmare thing. I could give you a rough outline but even that'd be too long so I wont.

As for why I suddenly wrote this on the least visited part of this site, well I'd been interested in dreams, especially nightmares, specifically ones where an otherworldly nightmare entity greets the dreamer due to some recent events...and about's too long I'll pm you this stuff.
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Posted on January 8th, 2013:
When I have dreams of being attacked or frightened, it usually means I've been uncomfortable with a situation in my life. I generally feel like I'm being threatened by someone I know or I'm worried about an upcoming. The unrelated surroundings might point to a feeling of confusion or disorientation about something. Or it may be nothing at all. I might be completely wrong. It varies from person to person.
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