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Possessed? (Ghosts Dream)
I was at my moms boyfriends apartment, I was alone and it was all dim like the lights were on but very very faintly. I felt weird so I looked down at my stomach and lifted my shirt... I looked really, really thin like I shed off maybe 40lbs or so, like you could see my ribs/hipbones so much it was disgusting. And I had these weird black-ish lumps all over my stomach that started just moving around so I pulled my shirt down again. Then I looked at my left arm which had a metal... plate? Covering it almost. Like a metal glove almost(But it wasn't a glove, I don't know how to describe it.) going to my elbow but the glove was like half and only covered the top of my arm, not the bottom and it hand no fingers just like... almost like rings holding it onto my hand and my fingers were swelled up so I started trying to pull the thing off but it wouldn't come off easily so I just kept yanking and yanking on it and it eventually came off and where it was covering looked all rotting and you could see the bone in some places. I started hearing some weird sound so I started walking around the apartment to find the source of the noise and I found my mom sitting on a chair but it like... Wasn't my mom? Like something taking her form or possessing her maybe. And she/it whispered something like "Come here, child." so I walked up to her/it and kinda crouched down and she/it like grabbed my head and whispered "It's okay."
Then the dream zoomed onto a cross that my moms boyfriend has above the door in the apartment and it flipped upside down. Then I woke up.
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Dream Dictionary Type: ghosts dream
Dream Posted on: 01/02/13
Dream Interpretations: 1 dream interpretation
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Posted on January 2nd, 2013:
You may feel like noone understands you. It's not really that clear to you yet.
you can no longer tolerate or put up with a particular situation, relationship, or person--Might have to do with your mom's boyfriend
You feel that you are unable to stand up for yourself, and it seems like you are trying to shield yourself from heartbreak in the process. Having something happen to you left arm means that you are covering up your supportive or nurturing nature. You don't care for yourself enough..and you have a hard time reaching out to others for help. Because of this, you feel anxious about completing certain tasks. you are wasting away your potential. You have failed to make use of the opportunities that have come your way. You have not yet recognized your underlying strength, but it's there!

Your mom sitting in the chair --could either represent her or you in your dream. Is your mother indecisive? Do you feel like she is wasting her life away? Or perhaps it's you who feels this way. Your dream is insisting that you pay closer attention to your mom or some situation that has to do with her. Listen to her.
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