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Fantasy War (Ghost/war Dream)
I remember this one, because I was myself, without being myself. I was a woman who was kind of like the leader, the one calling all the shots in a war. I had people coming to me after we had fought a large battle, killing some kind of creature. We stood beside a house, and a few trees, in a circle around me. I don't remember what I said, but we were talking about the war. Then all of a sudden, things change. I'm suddenly a man who is with another going up the stairs of the house hold. (I wrote a short story about

"She already found don't have to go in there." A middle aged man stated to a younger man standing in front of a dark brown door. The middle aged man turned to go towards the stair case that stood beside him, going around the railing. His hair was dark brown, short with brown eyes. Standing a good five foot eleven inches off the ground, he stopped in his tracks and looked back at the young man at the door. "...if your going to smash it open...then do so...why does fear settle?" He asked.

The young man raised his leg in a stance that would allow him to kick the locked door open. His light brown hair was medium length, covering his green eyes ever so slightly. Gritting his teeth, he hesitated, unsure of what to do. Taking in a deep breath, he put his foot down to get his barrings back before bringing it back up and kicking the door wide open. His eyes widened as he looked upon the scene that was before him.

The room was dark save for the large hole in the middle of the ceiling. With the dark red sky looming over it, it shot an eeriness into the air that struck the young man to the bone. "There could be some clues here just doesn't make sense. Zaria got the usb that was said to contain everything...but it just doesn't add up." He said to the middle aged man, who walked back to his side.

"There are things in this room that even I can not understand...Zaria said it herself...the way this happened was unreal even for her...I know you love her but you got to consider these things better Tarian..." Charles stated as Tarian took a step into the room and turned on the light. It flickered on, and just as it did an light orange glowing figure appeared in front of the door, a few feet away. It was a transparent man with a very glum face. His eyes dull and his movements very slow in the matter of odd. It seemed like a broken record, yet partially working smoothly. The ghost hovered slightly away from the door to the left of Tarian, his eerie eyes staring at the startled Tarian.

"...He's glowing..." Tarian said a bit stunned.

"Thatsss the cause of the thingg that killedss meee of couurse." The ghost spoke, his voice seeming very far away, but echoing. Tarian glanced at Charles, taking in a deep breath before walking into the dark room, lighted only by the glow of the ghost and the red sky.

"I heard it was a weird occurrence...but do you remember anything?" He asked as he began to look around the room. In the corner was a large computer screen which likely cost quite a large amount of money. The desk itself was nice. Off to the right of the desk in the other corner was a darkness that seemed much thicker then the usual sort. Looking at the floor, multiple things were scattered.

The ghost sluggishly hovered a bit closer to the hole but stopped. "I do not wish to remember...I don't want to remember." He said with a bit of a bite to his tone.

Tarian looked at him as he walked over to the darkened corner. "Don't touch my things!...I don't want to remember!" He growled, his dulled eyes widening as his shape shifted. A bit more calm, yet stunned all the same, Tarian looked to Charles who was looking around on the other side. The room itself was odd, the floor stayed healthy, but the roof was completely torn apart. Yet the sky was a different sky then the one they saw before coming into the room.

"Charles...did Zaria tell you anything about this place?" He asked, running his finger over the desk. Just as he looked up, the ghost looked towards Charles, his form becoming bigger, his glow seeming much more jagged than before. Swiping the cell phone that sat on the desk just moments before into his pockets, he turned to the computer. About to turn it on, the floor shook.

"I don't want to remember! There mine! Do not touch my things! Do not touch, don't touch that!" He screamed, his voice booming. Tarian and Charles both covered their ears almost immediately, their ear drums ringing at the amount of force the ghosts voice rang. Tarian backed away from the computer and motioned to Charles with his head to go towards the door. "I don't...I don't! Get ouuut! Mine! Its mine, don't...don't touch my things!" He yelled, the ghosts voice echoing loudly, shaking the floor with a force much greater than before.

Tarian and Charles held onto what they could to keep themselves from falling as the floor began to grumble. Beneath the floor boards was a swirling abyss. The wind in the room picked up as Tarian and Charles darted for the door. "Hurry Charles!" Tarian shouted over the loud noise of wind being pulled into a released seal. With the floor almost destroy, Tarian and Charles quickly jumped through the door and closed it as the ghost darted for them.

On the floor, Tarian breathed heavily, staring at the dark brown door that had just moments before been broken and unlocked. Yet now, it stood like it had before they entered. "What in the world...Tarian that was suicide...was there even a point in going in there!" Charles scolded as he stood up. Tarian followed suit as they headed down the stairs, staying silent for a moment before he put his hand in his pocket.

Calmly he stated, "I got his cell phone when he wasn't paying attention...if anything it should tell us something. I really wanted to check his computer...but I guess that was quite the trouble. What ever it is...just going in there and seeing that was enough to think about...I will do everything and anything to help Zaria..." He said, gritting his teeth as they reached the door and opened it, stepping out onto the darkened earth. The red sky that was seen in the room was a dark purple here instead with the earth dead and barren. Out side of the door stood a good nine people in a circle, one woman with in the middle as Tarian and Charles quickly rushed over to them, slightly confused.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:barrings | brown eyes | detective | eeriness | fear | ghost | ghostwar | green eyes | haunting

Dream Dictionary Type: Ghost/war dream
Dream Posted on: 12/31/12
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