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My First Holocaust Dream (Holocaust Things Dream)
I was with some random people along with some friends, I don't know how many there were to begin with. I don't remember how we got to or into the camp. But we were in a school bus, a very large one at that with a different design, to be able to fit more people in it. We were in the camp and there were screams everywhere, a horrid smell. Tears, cattle, human. We were in a room with bars we could see what was happening around us, like a factory or something it was never silent but then a man in uniform came and unlocked the door, many fell out because we were packed in, some dead. He splits us into two groups I am in the second and in the front of the group. The man does something I'm not really sure but suddenly the first group is moving and the wounded are the last to get to the doors on the other side where everyone else has gone through. But they, two men both skinny and weak, get to the middle of the hall like thing and suddenly doors on both sides of them open and horns. Horns everywhere they are not sticking out of the men's bodies. They were to skinny they were just scratched. The cattle made loud noises while they moved back and the horns gone. The man in uniform did something again and then we were moving and it goes to the first group and what they are meeting with. Two doors and they are all bloody and everything. There two soldiers on the other side holding the doors closed. The bleeding men beg and plead and finally they opened the doors. And then it flashes to the outside. The sun is falling, orange is the color of the sky and we look back down and more buses then any of us have ever seen and we start crying because there is just so many. But then we realize we parked the farthest so I am not sure if I run to the end of the randomly scattered busses in the dirt parking lot or if I walk by them looking at them thinking in horror. I get to the last two buses someone is already at the last one. It is a disabled bus. I stop and stare as this one person opens the bus and leaves, because I know those people will be the only ones left in that building. All alone in the poorly light cells. Alone. To die. And then I'm in my bus and our driver who is dark skinned tells us over the microphone to buckle our seat beats even though we were already driving off from the place. I get tossed around as I do I see the others in the far back. And their kids. All kids. Not one adult except for the driver. I fly into a seat and buckle in. It isn't till later we stop and get out of the bus and we are in front of a bar like place. "Don't you think they would show it...?" I said to the driver. "No...No they wouldn't." is his reply. "I hope not..." is all I can say. We're inside and I keep glancing at the TVs waiting watching. Then I'm in my mother's bedroom on her bed but everyone is gone. And I look up at her ceiling and the I am talking to someone "Only a week." "Really only a week." "Imagine those who were there longer, imagine those still there." I remembered trying to write down everyone on that buses name on something. And I only could remember a few but I lost the paper. I lost their names. "Only a week.." And Its Over and I Wake up.
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Dream Posted on: 11/28/10
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