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A Horse Bite. (Horse Bites Dream)
I was somewhere at night and there i saw a black horse with a carrage it stoped next to me, then a brown horse came from behind the carrage and it started to goloping towards me and when it got in front of me, it starded biteing me in my arms, it was going crazy goloping and constantly biteing my arms. I could literly feel the pain from the bites in my arms while i was steel sleeing, it felt so soreal, very vivid. I dont understand why the horse was attacking me in that matter.
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Dream Dictionary Type: horse bites dream
Dream Posted on: 08/16/09
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Posted on August 23rd, 2011:
every image of god in the human form is a unique miniature of god,the source of all.there is no other image of god quite like you in all the universes and multiverses of an immortal being do not need sleep.but the ammortal physical body you occupy in the physical plane of existence does need periodic cycles of sleep. a dream is simply the record of what you the spiritual occupant of a physical body did in the spiritual planes of existence whilst your physical body slept and rested.because of our religious belief systems, social programming about what is right and what is wrong,and our constructs of just what is god/life,,an inbuilt censor edits out our conscious recall of our spiritual experiences whilst we were out of the physical body during the sleep cycle.after we wake up in the physical body we can only partialy recall what we experienced during the sleep cycle of our physical body.hence the need to interpret our dreams..however you are the best interpreter of you dreams since each of us is a unique miniature replica of god..a dream symbol of a white dove in your dream cannot have the same meaning in my dream.. therefore you should approach the topic of interpretation fully prepared to learn the pleasurable skill of interpreting your own dreams..the key is preparation before you sleep..(1)make sure you find someone who will make you laugh a lot before you your room at bedtime write in a special notebook dedicated to this purpose,, a short paragraph to the holy spirit of god,,,"dear holy spirit,please let me recall a dreamin which i am visiting the airport in london for the first time in my life..thanking you in advance for answered prayer i remain yours truly john.....put this note under your pillow and trust completely that everything will be taken care of by god's holy spirit.. you should strongly resolve that you will remember the dream that will follow. as soon as you finish the dream you should get up and write it down in your notebook.the first few times ,if you dont remember the dream simply write down,"i dont remember tonight's dream".in the waking state consciously set out to read any material you can lay hands on which explains the real-life experiences of individuals who intentionally or unintentionally had out of physical body experiences..this will indicate to your own highest self that nothing you will experience whilst out of your physical awareness will shock or upset you when you recall it back in the physical body awareness..another point worth noting is that you should always ask god(your own highest self )to give you another dream to help you understand and interpret the first dream you have. after all at a higher level you perfectly understand the spiritual experience you had in an out of body state but cannot retrieve this experience consciously whilst in the physical body state of awareness..sometimes set aside a whole day (from to to place your attention on nothing else but god(mental fasting).you will invent songs to praise god ,you will go to the loo in the name of god,you will not answer your mobile phone in the name of god all day long..this will spiritualise your consciousness and raise your vibrations a night you will use the written letter technique and confidently expect to recall your dream experience and easily interpret are your own dream can create your own methodology to better interpret your dreams..also is selling sound tuning forks scientifically calibrated to induce a brain frequency in your brain which corresponds to the normal frequency of anyone who is dreaming..i would like to pause here at this point and say i hope to hear from you soonest...glad to be of help.bye
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