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So i am a lucid dreamer, have been doing it since i was very little. So sometimes i just go with the flow of a dream or just observe to see what happens.

Basicaly it was a simple dream there were monsters/demons/people with superpowers and there were ppl that hunted them. Me and my fiancee were on the monster side. I was a shapeshifter (yay kinda controlled that part) and he was ... well im not sure. He could take parts of himself like feelings and memories and create a monster from it. Every monster he made looked like him with little differences. For example he made one that was blue, had fangs, and could turn into a giant dog. He could feel everything his monster felt but that part of him was gone. If his monster ate and slept, he didnt need to.
Like, if he took and made a monster out of his compassion, he would no longer have compasion. Also as long as he made a monster out of an emotion or feeling or memory he could controll, he could controll the monster. Soo he made and made and created monsters untill he was just idk, evil? Or bad or empty.
Imagine someone without any good inside them. I had tried to stop him over the few weeks he made them but by then it was too late. So i tried to cling to the monsters he had made, since they looked similar to him and were the good parts of him, but since it was parts it wasnt the same.

So i started cracking there. Also if one of the monsters died it would go back to him, but he was in such a state he would take it out of him and make the monster again. Around this time hunters came and attacked us, it was like i couldnt die but i could feel everything. It seriously hurt, but i could shift and heal myself. Afterall the dream was interesting and if you die the dream ends so i made sure i didnt.

Anywho most of us got either killed or captured. They would capture us and put us in a camp like place where they had something to make our powers not work. This is where i started losing control of the dream, or more control over myself. I wanted to get out, because the hunters would do expierements on us, and because i couldnt die it really hurt. There were trains we would ride because it was like a city of powerless monsters, but the trains would go across a desert sometimes.

And i watched one of his monsters figure out how to open the door. As i watched it was like i wasnt me but a camera watching this monster. He jumpted out of the door and another of his monsters was there to rescue him. The longer the dream went like this the more of his monsters was rescued. But not me.

I tried to rationalise and get controll of myself by thinking, he isnt himself, he only has the bad things, why would he think ofto saving me. But i felt my brain slipping. I kept crying and laughing and crying and laughing and thinking and hearing things about the train.

At one point i thought if i killed all of his monsters he would be himself again, so i tried to kill the last one left in the camp. It was the blue dog one, but i couldnt. I was thinking it was the only thing i had of him, and it looked like him, so it was him. Also it was my fav monster he made, it was cuddly, and sweet and nice. I thought he had stayed on puropse cuz he was the only one that couldnt leave me. Then i just couldnt handle it anymore i noticed i was getting worked up so bad i was crying in real life. Nothing was right my mind was gone i saw thing and heard things that wasnt real ect. So i tried to snap back and salvage the dream by giving myself powers back so i could escape but some how i gave myself the power to explode instead of shifting so i exploded and died. End of dream. X.x

Now thats a big reason why its bad for me to let my dreams do whatever, cuz they always go bad. N now i feel really creaped out and i want to know wth it means to go crazy like that in a dream. If you read all that yea, i know i have detailed dreams, and there are alot of things i left out of this one. But its allready waaay long and thats the gist of it. So, any thoughts?
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:compassion | demons | emotion | fangs | feelings | fiancee | insanity monsters | little differences | losing control | lucid dreamer

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Dream Posted on: 06/02/12
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