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PLEASE READ! (Judgementday Dream)
please help me understand whats going on ? read till the end pleas ! i've had several dreams of judgement day the past 4 years. i'm asking that any one who reads it, to believe it and if you can tell me anything on it please do, cause this is much more complicated than just normal judgementday dreams. it started when i was around 14 or 15. i stopped going to church at the age of 13. 1ST DREAM: i can't remember everything but what i do remember is, that we all were lying on the gground and the whole atmosphere were another colour, almost like those greyschale photos but just blueish. it was like we were covered by a blanket but an invisble one. then in the sky there were stairs comming down to earth, but it was not that high from the ground and it was made of glass, like you could hardly see it, but you could still see its stairs. Jesus came down on thosse stairs, and he looked just like a normal person, but he had an old cloke on or something. when he came down i looked at him and his eyes caught mine, the moment we looked at each other i looked away imediatly, i was scared , but the feeling was just something i couldt explain. he held his arms out and suddenly there apeared a line of fire, it was like we were seperated from other people. everything from there were like a big blur and then sudenly again i was on earth again and other people, but there were war. i remember 2 boys screaming but we who were on the oter side of the line wasnt alive even if we were on earth, cause there were people with guns running through us. what i thought this dream could have ment was that maybe we all wil go through judgementday, but these who are going to heaven wil also be there but wont experience the pain littarly, but we'll see everything. 2ND DREAM: this dream i had like a year almost after the first one. i was walking to choir practise, the same road ive been walkin my whole high school years. then as i looked at the moon i saw it was changing red... the i saw water flowing on the streets and pavements, but i flew like a river almost but the colour was red. then i saw a verry large bird fly above me, singing... it sang in a language, but not a language ive heard anybody talked before. and at the end of this dream i saw i white flower, almost like a lilly. ive never red the bible before, but i told my best friend about all my dreams, wheather it was normal or ubnormal. so every friday my englisg teacher red the bible in the mornings, he was busy with one chapter but then all of sudden he said he wants to read revelations... so i was listening and then he started to read things ive dremt about, my best friend were like starring at me and we both new that this is weird. 3RD DREAM: i was at school again with one of my friends. we were sitting on the wall where the schools intrance is. the sky was changing again, but its as if other planets moved verry closer to erth, cause it looked like 3 0r 4 moons, with diferent colours. then all of a sudden isaw the seasons changed, it was like summer and in 5 econds winter and in 5 seconds after that autum, and so it went on. i also saw a tree that was melting,,, it was freezed but it melted. the weird thing about this dream is, i saw statistics ... numbers of all the races and i also saw a big number. i dont know what the number exacly was but i remember sawing the number 2 and 1. this was like 4 years ago. 4TH DREAM: this was one of the anthichrist returninng. propably one the most interesting dreams ive ever had. it was raining outside verry badly, so i went into this big place, when i was inside i saw it was a church, a couple was getting maried, so as i sat there the doors went open again, alot of people came inside with this one woman locked up in chains, she had red hair and greenish eyes. as she went by me she stared at me and she held out her arm, i felt sorry for her and i wanted to help, but they threw her on her knees, and they started preaching, she began to scream, speaking in languages i did not know, then she fell flat on the floor, but she looked disformed when she held uo her head again she had hornes and her face was disformed aswell. my dad were there, and he nailed her head with a hammer in the grounnd... what i think this could have ment was that no matter what hapens god wil kill the devil. so i dremt my father was doing it so its simbolic of a father figure rite, does that make sence. 5TH DREAM: this might just be the best one, this was about what hapend after judgement day. it was drak, and there were an old woman saying the men could go, and they disapeard. they just fanished. everything was starting moving so all the women had to grab on someting. it was like we were moving but with a verry fast speed. as we moved everything started to get brighter and brighter. i knew we were going to die, so before i saw that wer are going now, i said god you know i love u, do with me as u please. it was like we disappeard in a black hole. so suddenly we were in this small dark room. in this room there were i young women, behind her there were 3 paths, she said we must choose a path and that after the first path youl have to shooese 2 paths again, but she said choose wisely cause this will tel where your going. the first path had like red ribbons on the floor , the middle path had nothing on and the left path had purple ribbons on. all the women chose the middle path but i was so confused, so i praid and asked god for advise. so there apeard a tiger with a gold chain around its neck. it was a black tiger. so he came to me and walked to the path with the purple ribbon when i went up the path i discovered a city, but a verry old city, with pilars almost like those cities in the movies where they have these big arenas where people fight against lions. so the womenn that were in the frist room said we'll find a mentor there. she said i have to find an altar and a mentor will be waiting there, so i found this latter and i went down, there were 12 altars so i got the last one wich were under a big tree. so there apeared a mentor. he asked me whoni am and when i wanted to respond he said dont worry i know u already, you are engela edith anneri croucamp grandaughter of so manny. i cant remember what his name were , but it was UMA something. so he looked at me and said we should get u a dress, so sudenly i had a white dress on. he took my hands and he jumped, when he jumped we were like flying... so he said something about the city that was just like the earth. the people being coruuped or someting, so we entered a room, and in this room there were alot of other rooms. when i had to choose a room he said whatever u do dont choose the 2nd room. and it was like i could sea through all the rooms, i was a big fan of wresling all my life so in the first room there were 2 normal boxers and in the 2nd room ROCKY... i love that man. so i didnt listen to him and i went to the second room. me and rocky was talking so i said unfortunatly im dead but if i could live again id really like to marry you... a bell rang and it was like a tea time or something, when i wanted to make cofee i saw the sugar doesnt look normal it was like broken tiles but so soft and it was so delicious, i coulndt eat anything else cause it was so delicious i owuldnt stop. to get back to what ive said to rocky. thats where i was busted. in that room you had to like face your weaknesses. it was like a test to see if im ready for heaven caus in heaven you cant still hold on the earthly things. so i failed the test. the man should have known id blown it in that room. so sudenly we were in another dark place, and there were waiting a young man... and in that room u are shown evry person u have hurt before. even if it wasnt a big deal. i was asked why did i do it and what did i do to make it rite. and in alot of cases i did say im sorry, but that doesnt make it rite. it was like a television almost where they take you back to what happend. even if the other person were wrong u are wrong to. so this man said, to say sorry doesnt make u a better person but you should asked for forgiveness, not just to god, but to the person u have hurt. thats when i woke up. the reason why feel so strong abouit these dreams is , cause everytime after them i woke up, and there were demons trying to atack me. okay not deamons but a demon. my dad could here me struglein my room, like i wasnt breating. after each dream it hapend... it was shadow demons dont know if you or who ever reads it knows what it is. but my dad start shouting at my each time sayng im bussy with satanistic acult stuff but i wasnt. they started to like target me, so my dad got very upset about him have to wake up everytime seing whats hapening so we got a preacher, and he blessed me and he prayd for them to leave me alone, and they did. nothing happend to me when he prayd, but i'd lie if i say i didnt feel anything. i felt something lika a magnet pulling me, but that was it. i also remember 2 times seing someting supernatural in my room when i woke up. it was a ball of light, i liitle bal, but it looked like it had protones and stove gping around it. i didnt saty up to see anything further i was to scared. i puled the blanket over my head. i saw this twise. ive seen ghost before but never experienced this.and this hapend each time after a dream. i forget one dream. i also saw 4 stars faling in my one dream. they went stright like a boomerang til a surten point and then it fell. all i want to know is why did i get these dreams and why did demons try to hurt me after them. i dont care if theres people who wont believe me. im just looking for people who might have experienced the same... and maybe some meanings of the dreams will also help. thank you for reading. if youd like to ad me on facebook to inbox me or something my profiles name is Anneri Croucamp. or ad me on Anneri Croucamp Sangeres.
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Dream Dictionary Type: judgementday dream
Dream Posted on: 10/31/12
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Posted on February 17th, 2013:
Hi there. Those are very powerful and vivid dreams. I am far from an expert but I will offer opinions and you may do with them what you will.

Dream1: The "invisible blanket" covering the earth is what I believe to be the protection of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit acts as a veil protecting us from evil. When Christ returns for His church this invisible blanket will be lifted, and those left behind will suffer tribulations. What you may have witnessed (people with guns) is World War III or Armageddon. But you were under the protection of Christ so it seems you were taken with Him when he came for his Church. See: The Rapture.

Dream 2: "The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come." - ACTS 2:20 (King James Version). Very prophetic dream, especially for one who has never read the Bible. The sun turning black and the moon to red is definitely a sign of the end times. It could be a result of many volcanic eruptions on the earth. It may also be the result of what happens after a post-nuclear event.

Dream 3: Not sure about that one. But like most dreams, they make perfect sense to the dreamer until the person awakes. I'm sure there is a meaning to it somewhere.

Dream 4: Yes, it makes sense. "And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years." - Revelation 20:2

Dream 5: One thing I believe with all my heart is that we are ALL powerful spiritual beings. Evil, demonic forces are constantly attempting to attack. Please develop a personal relationship with God and ask him to continue protecting you.
The color purple is significant in spirituality. There is a story of a little boy who had a near death experience. His father wrote a book about his son's experience, it's called "Heaven is for Real." His story is also on YouTube. He died and went to heaven where he met Jesus. He described Jesus as a beautiful man wearing a white robe with a purple sash.
Other stories of near death experiences almost always involve having a life review. This is a review of every single second of your life in a matter of a moments. People that have experienced this have all related that they felt the pain and emotions of those they hurt in life. They described viewing this experience as on a translucent 3D type TV.
I believe the mentor (UMA) you met in your dream is your spirit guide. You have always known him and he is always with you.
Just my interpretations. These are things that I believe. I understand if you don't agree. Anyway, I know of a book that may interest you. It's called "Journey of Souls" by Michael Newton and his second book "Destiny of Souls." I found both very interesting and you might be able to relate. I believe your dreams are significant and should not be ignored.
Best wishes and may God bless you!
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