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I wan running towards the Shanty town, dressing in only my jeans and a t-shirt. No money, no bag, no mobile. I didn't even have any shoes. I jumped off a ledge and landed on my feet. I hadn't a clue where I was to go, but I wanted to be far away from home. The rich town. I hated it, getting everything I ever wanted but not being able to give any of it to the poorer people.

I walked up to a woman and asked her how to get out of here. She said the only way out was over to the left but to get there I had to go back through the edge of the Rich town to do so. So I raced back around and ran through past the diner/car rental and headed towards the exit I was shown.

But a hand grabbed me from behind halting me in my hastey escape. 'Hey little lady, why don't you come with me and my brother over there' he said as he showed me his face and his brother. They were identical. He dragged me along by the arm and lead me in the diner.

'Go grab a set of car keys and try some of the chocolate' He had said. So I did as I was told. I searchehd through the keys and chose a set and then walked behind the bar and took a chocolate drink that has just been made. The woman behind the bar started to argue but saw my terrified face and left it be.

I pretended to like the chocolate as I wasnt a big fan of them, finished it and then turned to one of the Twins, 'You two should try one of these they are absolutly delicious' I said with forced enthusiasm. They were dumb and fell for it and went to try one and I took that moment to run towards the carpark and find the car I had the keys too.

It didn't take me long to find the blue sedan car and I hopped in, driving off before they realised I was gone. I had driven for god knows how long without being pulled over, which was lucky seeing as I was only 15. I pulled over onto a curb and sat with my head in my hands.

A voice rang through the car. 'We will find you Little lady, and we will do anything to get you back' I panicked and got out the car. But paused in my hastey escape as I heard music playing. The singing and strumming of the different instruments calmed me. But I was brought back to reality when I saw a car approaching, fearing for the worst I raced towards the open door of a red car with the keys in it but was stopped when I was grabbed.

'Don't struggle please, Why were you trying to take out car?' The person asked, letting me know that It wasn't one of the twins. He let go of me and the car that was approaching stopped. 'You have to let me go, please. please, please let me go. I need to get away from them' I sobbed pointing to the Twins that just came out of the newly parked car.

'Told ya we would find ya little lady' They said in unison. I tried to run but the short black haired new guy kept hold of me. 'LET ME GO PLEASE!' I yelled trying to escape. Then everything went black. I awoke in a room. I stood up and streached, my head hurting.

I looked around and saw 4 guys lying on the ground. I raced towards them and checked for lifesigns. One shot up and accidently hit me in the head. I asked him hwo he got here and he explained it as best he could.

It had been a week after I was taken and the 4 other guys I got stuck in here were let free, but I am all thats left. I dont know what happened to the guys when they were let go, but I hope they are safe. Today was the day I would escape. I had been planning this for a week. I got up and walked out of the room.

Time to se things in motion.

I ran and ran back to where it started, where I met the 4 strange guys. I was knocked to the floor when I crashed into a soldier. I stood up and brushed myself off. I then realised that the soldiers I had ran into was infact 2 of the guys that I had gotten in this mess.

They were carrying p90's and was dressed in all army clothes. They glared hatefully towards me and said 'why did you come near us when you were being followed, why did you involve us' and I just fell to my knees crying.
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Dream Dictionary Type: Kidnapping dream
Dream Posted on: 01/24/13
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