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lol this would have to be the weirdest dream i have ever had ! but ok

first parrt of dream:
it all started with me,my friends jasmine and isaiah wit my baby sister,riding on a stream on a canoe looking thing,we went thru a tunnel, and we ended up climbing up a really large ladder.wehen we stopped we came across a large bed, that was all nice a fluffy,the bed was made up.we all sat down to have a piknik.then i guess my dream fastforwarded and my baby sister died? becuz it was so hot where we were? but that didnt make since to me because it was nice and warm there?

second part of my dream:
me and my 2 bestfriends went to college(: we walked in the room and saw how amazing it looked,it reminded me of a hotel room for like V.I.P. people.we laid on the queen sized bed together,stared up at the ceiling and we talked about how we would all spend time together,what we planned on doing, and how we would decorate the room. we got up and started looking around. there was like doors everywhere. i opened one and i guess it was the shower? becuz it looked like a waterfall spraying out from the wall with black rocks as the tiles guess? ( lol im 14 i knoe nothing about tiling,and wall paint?) but it was glass on the other side where you could see down into the lobby , and i was like "ew who would was up where everybody could see you?" but i thought it was funny (: then a man came in and said we had to clean up, he left than like and hour later he came back with his 2 sons and said "are you girls done yett? were going to gengihs" but then he also had a minature treasure chest with him, the size of 3 cable boxes . if the size is really that imporatnt. and it played music ! the lock on the front of the box if you touched it it played a pirate music(: some girl touched it . . i looked like a school feild trip , with people going up stairs. but remember we were in our "dorm room?"

third part of dream:
we finally went to gengihs(: but it was just me . as soon as you walk in there was booths of people eating, it looked like aN IHOP bUT i didnt see any pancakes going around.but as i walked in i noticed some saudi arabians.( 8 of them) eating with guns around them and everything. i went to sit in the back with my mom,and i guess she was already getting readdy to start fighting them cuz she had her guns and knives out spread all over the table.but then i guess the dream fastforwarded again cuz we ended up at my house , and my mom was going crazy , she was shooting like a skilled sniper. she shot down 6 of them but not a single one could get her. then we both went and hid in the kitchen from the other 2 cuz they just wouldnt die ! we ran outta ammo, so we had to get our knives , our knives were weird,they like bent all around and you could fold them,it looked like a sword kind of to.i had one hidden in my pajama pants and one in my hand. i set out to go and get something from my bedroom i think it was my teddy bear? i got it but then came back to seeing a kid named antonio that i do not like ! he tried to kill me so i stabbed him in his forehead, and in both his eyes and went in the kitchen(: mom mom was still there, unpacking these guns i guess she had just found. she only had enough amo for her and i only had a gun that could shoot feathers -___- i went out and started shooting them wit my feather gun but of course that didnt really do anything. the arabians ended up on the couch rite in front of me and it looked likie they were getting comfortable, becuz they were tired. i kept shooting them with the feathers but of course still nothing happened. but everything else after that is a blurr. . .i think somebody blew us up? either my mom or the arabians.but im not sure.
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Dream Posted on: 05/28/11
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