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Hell And Murder (Killing Dream)
I've had a recurring dream since I was 6 years old. It happens exactly every other night without fail and it's has not changed one bit. This is my dream: I am lying in my bed and I hear a voice call my name. I can't tell who it is at first but it slowly becomes my mother's voice. I get up and go to her. She hugs me and tells me to follow her because she has something to show me. She leads me into her room where my father sleeps, holds my hands in her own and repeatedly stabs my father in the chest. I cry but she says it is ok and we must make his soul burn for eternity. At that moment, my mother's face turns into some kind of demonic face who calls itself Belial. He whispers orders into my ears and I go on to murder my brother, my dog and my rabbit. Belial then congratulates me and gives me a tray with pulsing hearts on it. He forces them down my throat as I resist but after eating the hearts, I crave more. He then gives me instructions on how to summon certain forces he needs who live in hell. He tells me that he wants to take me back with him when the forces come. I immediately scream yes. And right when I say yes, this line of nude women come into the room and circle around me and Belial. They chant strange words as they pleasure themselves and then each other. Belial tells me not to look at them. But I can't help it. I always look and when I do, a terrible voice shakes the room and screeches 'You cannot see this! You must not see this! You must keep your mind for the fire and for the torment. For the church will be undone through you. The cross will fall and the pope will rot upon his golden throne. You will do this for us. For the four below.' After the voice speaks that, Belial holds out his hand. I go to take it but he fades away just before I reach him. He shakes his head in disappointment but whispers 'You are the one, our one' and that a gift awaits me when I wake up. Then I wake up and I'm sweating like crazy. I'm also very dizzy for a few minutes. I frantically look around without knowing why and I remember that Belial said he left a gift for me. I never find anything then but when I get up and go to the bathroom, there is a single cut line on my arm. It's bleeding a little but mostly a fairly deep scratch. I don't know how it happened at first but after the first few times I had this dream, I looked in the dishwasher and found a bloody knife. I apparently cut my arm in my sleep. But that's not the scary part. There is a new line each night and after five times, there is a ******* pentagram on my arm. It still scares the hell out of me when I see it. And when I first had this dream, I knew nothing of hell or demons. After a while of having it, I remembered more detail and now I obviously remember everything. This dream is not going away and I haven't told anyone yet. Everytime I start to tell someone out loud, I hear that same voice telling me not to speak a word. But I've been writing this and I haven't heard anything. I'm just terrified. Everyday I am terrified.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:6 years | belial | brother | disappointment | ears | eternity | fades | few minutes | golden throne | hearts

Dream Dictionary Type: Killing dream
Dream Posted on: 05/07/12
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