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Resurrection of Life
“Past Meets Present”
December 26, 2008

This dream occurred in two separate parts...

This place was a hospital. I was there in a room with a nurse and another person. I was having my blood pressure checked. I was sitting there with the pressure cuff on my arm when someone came in and said “She's dead, She is dead!”

I got up and followed the person out of the room. Walking through a high-rise building, I came upon a room filled with people. They appeared to be actors dressed for a movie involving the Egyptian Empire. They were dressed as slaves and masters, soldiers, handmaidens and pharaoh and his royal court. There were many colors throughout the place and on their clothing. Leaving this room I heard some noise which I didn't believe to be a part of the scene. It sounded like cabinet doors being closed and pots and pans being dropped and plates being broken.

I woke up and looked for ???? but she wasn't there in bed anymore. She'd gone to the kitchen for a bite to eat. So I dozed back off to sleep and the dream continued. I was back in the high-rise building, leaving the room where the acting cast or at least those who I thought were actors had been sitting around and talking.

The location appeared to be a part of a hospital of some sort and not just a clinic. I wasn't sure what floor or ward I was passing through, I didn't know anyone in the hospital but people looked at me as though they knew who I was and as though they were expecting me. Some people would look at me and smile with joy, while others would appear to tense up and look as though they didn't quite know what to do or say and so they just turned away.

I entered an elevator and went up to the next floor. Upon exiting the elevator there were more of those “actors” milling about and speaking with an Egyptian tongue or language. Oddly enough, I understood what they were saying. Suddenly I felt an urge to relieve myself, so I located the men's bathroom and entered in. After relieving myself, I washed my hands. While standing there I looked into the mirror and had a vision. In the vision, I saw...

there was a young woman there who appeared to be dead. She had passed away earlier that morning. I saw her parents, they “not” with the actors or dressed like them. I saw a sign which told me the location of where the young woman's body was being kept. It was in a room on the next level.
So, I left the bathroom and headed to the elevator. After pressing the button and waiting for several minutes. I began feeling as thought it wasn't arriving in time. So I ran over to the door for the stairway. Entering the stairway, I began sweating and my pulse was racing.

I ran up the flight of stairs and bolted through the door and saw more of the “actors” dressed in the Egyptian theme outfits. However, there were other people dressed in modern time apparel.

I began looking for the sign, which I had seen in the vision. I located that sign and saw a room with several people entering and exiting the door. As I approached the door one of the elderly women saw me and said “It's too late, she's already dead.” As I walked in a young man came over to me and grabbed my hand and started pulling me over to the deceased person. He looked at me and with tears in his eyes, he smiled and said “Let God's will be done!” I looked at him and saw his faith and love for the young lady whom he called his princess. She appeared to be about the same age as this young man, around the mid twenties or so.

I heard some of the people ask each other “what is he suppose to do, she's dead and he's not Jesus?” They began to laugh and make funny statements “He thought he could raise her, but she didn't hear him, He thought he could touch her, but she didn't feel him. Why not, because sheeeees deeeaaaaddd!” I checked her pulse and she was indeed dead.

I was moved by the anger shown in the young man's eyes, so I stretched forth my hands, over the young woman's body and closed my eyes. I began to thank God and prayed that His will be done for this young woman. I heard more of the little statement being sung by those people and they spoke about the failure of my prayer. I began praying more intensely! I stopped praying and looked at the young lady. Nothing had happened, yet!
So I prayed again and still nothing happened.

Again, I stretched forth my hands and prayed for her. However, this time I heard a quietness fall upon those in the room. This time I moved my hand over her face and her mouth curved into a smile. Again, I moved my hand over her face and she opened her beautiful brown eyes. She sat up and thank me for asking God to restore (resurrect) her life. I told her that it was God's will that she be resurrected!

Then, suddenly soldiers came into the room, they grabbed the young couple and took them out of the room by force. I followed them and we entered into another BIG room. In this room where were two large thrones placed in the middle. There were fine sculptures along the walls. A tiger was held by a large gold chain. A hawk was placed in a bronze cage. And there was large gold fish swimming around in a pearl laden pond.

The two people sitting on the thrones, were dressed up as Egyptian royalty. One looked like a pharaoh and the other like his queen. They were not happy about the fact that the young man's lover, his princess, was alive and well. Apparently, she had been sacrificed to one of their gods. She had been bitten by a snake of some kind and died from the bite. So they were angry with my God and His using me to resurrect the woman.

Their soldiers came in and started chasing me around the room. Oddly, several of the soldiers were carrying automatic weapons, machine guns and others were carrying swords. So, I stopped running and they captured me. They brought me before the two “royal” figures and lowered their weapons. The soldiers bowed to them but I didn't.

To my surprise, instead of punishing me, as I initially thought they would do, they gave me a throne to sat upon and a ring.

They allowed me to “freely” speak on the Goodness of my God. They wanted me to explain how the young lady was resurrected by my God.

Then I woke up from this dream with a headache...

What does it ALL mean?
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:actors | blood pressure | cabinet doors | colors | december 26 | egyptian empire | elevator | handmaidens | high rise building | life restoration

Dream Dictionary Type: Life Restoration dream
Dream Posted on: 12/27/08
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