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My gf had my child 3 years ago, but i was not with her until now do to issues. She told me one time while she was pregnant that the new apt she moved to seemed off. She felt stabbing in her stomach(pregnant of course). Then overtime she would feel something on top of her pinning her down and covering her mouth so she would not scream. That was right before waking up as it would wake her up. She even saw it. Her details about this thing are: deformed, hunched back, scarred up face, body color of light blue and gray shade. He was twisted up(don't know what she meant by that). He had half a nose with really long dark hair. and had animal legs but very sharp and long nails and its fingertips were inward. When she saw it thats when it spoke to her pregnant belly.. It once got on her again after birth and she saw our daughter being picked up. At such a small age her eyes got huge and she spoke with a horrendous voice. as if it did something to her while in the womb. Things stopped over time because she moved to another place. It wasnt until i came back in the picture(few months ago which is like 2 years later) that things would get bad again. Our daughter would and still speaks to the thing thats been following her. Me and our gf have some arguements from time to time and our daughter is very very smart for her age but we dont involve her in them and she doesnt know about them. Yet she speaks of them as if that thing tells her... Sometimes it tells her i dont love her(which is completely not true). Sometimes she says its by the window at night... This is basically like an everyday thing. Today she got extremely sick.. I believe its the thing getting to her sickness because of the dream my gf had a while ago. It had to do with the same thing thats been following them. It's finally entered her dreams and spoke to her. It wanted our child to use her skin and soul to finish it's book.. that was one twisted dream but that thing is serious. a month before today my gf used holy water and she didnt speak of the thing for a few days.

That's basically the story i want to share. Can anyone share insight on what this is?
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Dream Dictionary Type: Life story dream
Dream Posted on: 02/19/13
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Posted on March 1st, 2013:
immediately seek out help from the Catholic Curch.
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Posted on February 19th, 2013:
It's not clear the way you write weather this is an actual story or a dream. So I will answer you two ways. If this is an actual story, then there is a demon that is following your girlfriend and child. Eventually it will try and possess the little girl completely. You already stated she spoke with a particular horrendous voice. So it has temporarily possessed her. It's goal is to make the little girl trust it, and not you. That is why it is telling her, you don't love her. It will try and gain her trust to ask her to let it live within her. It is also the catalyst to your fights between you and your girlfriend. As well demons cause sickness. On the other hand if this is a dream, it is so vivid, that I would consider it near reality. The wheel is set in motion. If it is a dream, I would interpret it the same as if it were actually occuring, because your description is extreme in all directions. The only way to stop it from bothering you and your family, is to consecrate you and your family to Jesus Christ, get your little girl baptized. Then you can command it to leave. As the father of your child, you can also pray and ask Jesus to surround your daughter with angels and prevent this demon from bothering your daughter. Don't feel alone. This happens to a lot of people. Tell your daughter to say, leave in the name of Jesus until it leaves, and it will. Summarizing my interpretation: You have come in contact with an evil spirit through a temporary residence. It has followed your daughter and girlfriend because it sees an open entry into their life. It is using this knowledge to take possession so that it can live within a human body, and you are being warned of this intent. So now you know, so do something about it.
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Posted on February 19th, 2013:
Its a life story that happened while i was gone until recently things happened again after a year before i came back.
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Posted on February 19th, 2013:
The dream i stated in this story is real. It entered my gfs dreamworld and told her it wanted my daughter for her skin and soul to complete it's book. We used holy water to bathe her and it went away temporarily. Soon we will seek help from the church, but the part when she was picked up was when she was an infant. It all started when she first moved. It was the room.
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